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Compression device handles 1,500 remote sites

Compression device handles 1,500 remote sites

Expand Networks Inc. is introducing a compression device that can cram more data onto each WAN link for as many as 1,500 remote sites.

Called Accelerator System 9000, the device terminates sessions with smaller Expand boxes at each remote location, using a variety of methods to ensure that congestion on the WAN is minimized.

Accelerators are placed between LANs and WAN routers, where they analyze traffic, cache selected parts of packets so these parts don't have to be sent repetitively over the link, and compress traffic before they enter the WAN. The devices are deployed in pairs, one at each end of a link, and decompress incoming packets.

The company claims the new device was developed in conjunction with a customer that needed it to boost the effective throughput of its 56K bit/sec frame relay lines to 3,450 locations. Increasing use of e-mail and Web applications would have forced an upgrade to more expensive 256K bit/sec lines, Expand says. The company refused to be interviewed about the project.

Expand claims installing Accelerators at each site cut download times by 10, and other Expand customers that have been interviewed report similar results.

The AS 9000 supports 200M bit/sec throughput and is suitable for handling connections to busy data centers.

The new device is available now starting at US$65,000, which includes two accelerator modules that supports up to 100M bit/sec throughput.

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