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The Social Networking Compendium - Part 4 (MySpace)

The Social Networking Compendium - Part 4 (MySpace)

MySpace is one of the founding members of the social networking community, but it still maintains an air of delinquency

These days MySpace is a bit like that older uncle we all have that never managed to grow up. Populated with juvenile Internet plagues like Corey Worthington, MySpace has a relentless image of being teen-friendly while offering the big middle finger for everyone else.

And yet, there’s a lot to admire about what MySpace can do. Users’ pages are highly customisable and the potential to reach a young, vibrant audience is definitely there – unsigned bands use it as a free marketing tool for getting their name out there. Upstart businesses use it as a virtual brochure.

And to say MySpace isn’t trying to reach a broader audience is unfair. It allows apps to be developed for it, in a similar way to Facebook, and while it hasn’t reached the plethora of apps that users can get on Facebook, it is nonetheless a growing list.

MySpace also connects very neatly with a wide range of smartphones, social networking tools and consumer gadgets makes it easy to reach – where my Nintendo DSi struggles with Facebook, it displays MySpace nicely, for instance. All the company needs to do is mature its image when a user wishes, and it will find itself with an even larger potential userbase, thanks to its easy accessibility.

Some would claim that MySpace’s star is fading, and compared to the meteoric rise of Facebook, that would indeed seem the case, but perhaps the pioneer is just coming into its own.

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