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The Social Networking Compendium – Part 5 (YouTube)

The Social Networking Compendium – Part 5 (YouTube)

Ahh, YouTube. The site that megalithic movie studios and broadcasting corporations love to hate.


When we look back at the Internet developments that have changed social behaviour across the world, YouTube will surely rank as one of the leading influences.

By enabling millions of adoring users to share videos and watch footage that otherwise may not have been seen by mass audiences, YouTube has fundamentally altered the way many consume media and entertain themselves.

Add in the fact most broadcasting companies and many music groups have started to upload their own videos directly onto YouTube at the same time as releasing them to the wider public audience, and you know the site has a winning formula.

It hasn’t all been hunky dory for the site, however, with several companies complaining it facilitates violations of copyright.

So if you are a YouTube fan then check out all the latest news in this edition of The Social Networking Compendium.

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Report: YouTube blocked in China Chinese authorities blocked access to YouTube, according to a story posted by the Wall Street Journal website.

Satyam turns to YouTube to get its message across Indian outsourcer Satyam Computer Services is turning to YouTube to get its own message across to viewers worldwide in the wake of the financial crisis in the company.

Forrester: Social networking will change supplier relations Web 2.0 will revolutionize collaboration with IT suppliers, Forrester has predicted. Christine Ferrusi Ross, VP at the analyst firm, said the young people entering work were bringing with them a new culture, and an expectation of using social networking tools.

Military gets own social network after YouTube is blocked The US military launched TroopTube, a new site to upload and share videos, more than a year after the US Department of Defense banned YouTube from military networks for being a bandwidth hog.

YouTube adds 'click-to-buy' for music, video games YouTube moved to step up its efforts to generate revenue by adding e-commerce links that let users buy music and video games from the site.

Social networks link terrorists A new breed of cyberterrorists are using online forums to recruit people who support Al-Qaeda, creating global networks of would-be terrorists.

YouTube to carry Olympic videos in some countries The International Olympic Committee is launching its own video channel for the games in cooperation with YouTube, to territories in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the IOC said.

Viacom allows YouTube to conceal user names in court case Google may conceal YouTube users' identities when it hands a database of their viewing habits to Viacom International in response to a court order, the companies agreed.

Privacy advocates question Google's YouTube monitoring The privacy concerns raised by a federal judge's order that Google turn over 12TB of data on YouTube users and their video-viewing histories to Viacom International misses an important point, according to some privacy advocates: What is Google doing collecting and retaining all that data in the first place?

Video: YouTube celebs meet up at the New England YouTube Gathering

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