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The Social Networking Compendium – Part 6 (Social Bookmarking)

The Social Networking Compendium – Part 6 (Social Bookmarking)

News, news, read all about it! Social bookmarking is about more than just quirky topics

Digg. Slashdot. Reddit. Thanks to these sites, and many more, we’re never going to be short on ready sources of news again.

But these sites are more than just a dumping ground for the kinds of amusing news articles that inhabit the Internet in droves – nor are they a mere melting pot meeting place for controversial issues to reinforce their own existence.

Social bookmarking sites and tools are a superb way for keeping a finger on the pulse about what matters. Contentious or popular stories rise to the top as more and more users vote on the topic – opening up avenues for discussion and alternative opinions. Think of them as your high school debating team, but on a global scale.

Unfortunately the anarchic premise of the sites also means they contain none of the finesse of moderated delivery methods. What’s popular is what you tend to get without making a real effort to trawl through the digital backends – making niche voices difficult to hear indeed.

That said, as you will see in the news stories below, there’s no end of organisations and groups throwing their hand into the arena. Social bookmarking is here to stay, and will become a dominant way for us to get our dose of social commentary going forwards.

Social bookmarking is just one of the new wave of communication tools to hit the web. While you’re here, why not check out our other round ups on some of the other tools available out there:

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Social Bookmarking Tools

Yahoo tests an online notepad for its search engine - Yahoo doesn't intend Search Pad to be a replacement for its Delicious social bookmarking service. Rather, Yahoo envisions Search Pad as a repository of information tied to specific projects, such as planning a trip or a major purchase. Search Pad is an online option for people who save information they find on the Web in word processing files, on a scrap of paper or by creating browser bookmarks.

Digg plans for growth with new funding - Social news pioneer Digg, facing intense competition from Yahoo's Buzz, has unveiled aggressive plans to grow in size and scope and boost its features.

Analysts: Google spreading itself too thin - Google is on the receiving end, on a daily basis, of thousands of complaints, requests and questions from the users of these and the many other consumer online services it provides, like Gmail, GTalk instant messenger, Calendar, Reader RSS manager, Orkut social network, Knol online encyclopedia, Checkout online payment system, Notebook online bookmark, Lively virtual world, iGoogle personal home and the Chrome browser, to mention some.

Microsoft details plans for new social bookmarking tool - Microsoft, which released a preview version of its social bookmarking application in early 2008, added new features to the first version released late 2008, such as the ability to subscribe to bookmarking tags via RSS and to import bookmarks from other bookmarking sites like Delicious.

Digg joins Microsoft, Facebook in data portability group – In early 2008, Digg announced it is joining the Data Portability Project, a roster of technology heavyweights lobbying for standards that would allow users to control content they create on social networks. Earlier this month, Microsoft, Facebook and Google each announced plans to join the effort.

Yahoo opens Digg rival to all publishers - Yahoo expanded its "Buzz Up" content recommendation service to include many more publishers, stepping up its challenge against Digg. Almost any publisher can now add a Buzz Up button to its Web site, Yahoo said. If a Web site doesn't have a button, users can also submit a link to the content via Yahoo.

AOL Announces ‘Socialthing’ - AOL has announced Socialthing, a revolutionary new platform that brings social networking services to websites and enables publishers to attract new users and keep them engaged wherever they are on the Web.

AOL's Bebo social network to gain lifestreaming features - AOL's Bebo social-networking site will gain features for lifestreaming, an increasingly popular type of online service that lets people broadcast frequent, brief updates about their lives through photos, videos, blog items, comments and other content.

12 tips for managing your information footprint - When it comes to managing personal information online, most people are their own worst enemies. Many of us fail to adequately protect our personal data before it gets online, but once information makes its way to the Internet, it can be quickly replicated and is often difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

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