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A great way to engage the brain matter

Quarrel Deluxe
Cost: $2.99 | Developer:Indiagames | Platform:iOS | Version 1.2 | 69.3 MB | 4.0+

Who likes Scrabble? Everyone, right?

Well, here’s a little twist on the idea that makes word games fun all over again. The point of Quarrel is to win a “war” by spelling a better word than your opponent. If you succeed at doing that, you’ll take over his territory, and once you’ve captured all the territories, you’ll win the game.

But wait! You can only use one letter per soldier you have in a territory. So, if you’ve got eight soldiers, and your opponent only has two, then you’re probably going to win – longer words have more letters and thus more points, after all.

The scoring works much like Scrabble, so everyone with experience in that game will feel right at home with creatively trying to stick “x” in everything.

What really drives this game home is the presentation, which is charming, and the AI, which can be devilish.

What better way to pass the time on the train?

Pros: A word game in the vein of Scrabble, with some creative twists.

Cons: Sometimes, just sometimes, the game will crash right before you claim victory.

Verdict: A great way to engage the brain matter, and a great alternative to Angry Birds

Get it here:Apple App Store

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