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Celite hires XAVi

Celite hires XAVi

Celite Systems Inc. has found a manufacturer to make modems for a broadband technology resembling Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and can cut access service delivery costs by 75 percent, the company claims.

Celite has signed up Taiwan-based XAVi Technologies Corp. to build the modems that support Celite's private broadband DSL (BDSL) technology. The modems will bear Celite's name under the model number CS-2, and will also be sold separately under XAVi's own name, Celite says.

Celite's primary focus is on making access gear that sits in carrier networks and enables provisioning of broadband services to an entire neighborhood all at once. DSL, as sold by major U.S. providers, is provisioned line-by-line as customers sign up.

Celite claims that its method can cut the cost of deploying DSL from US$275 to as low as US$69 per customer in optimal areas.

The model Celite uses calls for adding a separate box to existing phone company remote terminals that serve 200 to 600 customers. These CS devices tap into each customer phone line and sit there passively until a customer plugs in a Celite modem. When a modem is added to a line, the Celite network-based gear strips off the higher-frequency BDSL signal from the traditional voice signal and trunks it to a carrier switching office over bundled Asymmetric DSL lines.

Because the network passively picks up the signal from a newly added modem, service providers can cut the cost of provisioning each line as orders come in, Celite says.

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