Mingis on Tech: What's coming up at Mobile World Congress?

Mingis on Tech: What's coming up at Mobile World Congress?

This year's MWC gets under way Feb. 26 in Barcelona, and while hardware announcements are a given, attendees are more likely to be hearing a lot about 5G networking.

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It's pretty much a given every year that new smartphones will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress. This year's event, which starts Feb. 26 in Barcelona, is expected to be where Samsung shows off its shiny new Galaxy S9.

But that's not likely to be the big story from the 2018 show, according to mobile expert and Computerworld freelancer Dan Rosenbaum.

What's likely to dominate MWC 2018 is the continued rollout of 5G networking. Rosenbaum, who's going to the event, offered a preview of sorts to Computerworld Executive Editor Ken Mingis.

In a nutshell, Rosenbaum explained, 5G networks will allow for higher data speeds, better coverage and, perhaps most importantly, more granular control over who gets how much networking bandwidth. That's going to be critical as more and more IoT devices and sensors come online, and will be key to the success of things like smart cities and autonomous driving.

Various carriers have been testing 5G in the U.S., with an eye toward more widespread rollouts in 2020. And with that date fast approaching, it's a given that 5G will dominate this year's MWC, he said.

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