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AWS IoT Events sees 86% price cut in Sydney region

AWS IoT Events sees 86% price cut in Sydney region

Includes discounts based on the number of message evaluations

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has reduced the prices of its IoT Events service by at least 86 per cent.

The new pricing for the solution, a managed service that can detect and respond to changes made by internet of things (IoT) sensors and applications, also includes discounts based on the number of message evaluations.

The service can be used to detect malfunctioning machinery, stuck conveyor belts or slowdowns in production output. When AWS IoT detects an event, it can trigger actions to identify and address any potential issues at hand.

The changes, according to AWS, see the price per message evaluation reduced by 86 per cent and introduces new usage tiers, as well as more discounts for workloads over 100 million message evaluations per month.

Additionally, each message evaluation includes the triggering of up to two actions to other AWS services.

For the first 100 million message evaluations, the new price in AWS’ Sydney region is US$16.50 per one million message evaluations. This is down considerably from the old price of US$121 per one million message evaluations for the first five million messages every month.

If five million messages are used as an example, this translates from the old cost of US$605 down to the new pricing of US$82.50, a reduction of 86.4 per cent.

For the next 400 million message evaluations in the new pricing, the cost comes down to US$11 per one million message evaluations. The next 4.5 billion message evaluations are charged at to US$5.50 per one million message evaluations and then surpassing 5 billion message evaluations brings the cost per one million message evaluations down to US$3.30.

By comparison, the only discount seen with the old pricing was after the first five million message evaluations per month, the price dropped down to US$88 per one million message evaluations.

The free tier, which offers 2,500 message evaluations per month for the first 12 months at no cost, has not changed.

In addition to the Sydney region, the new pricing is available for the other nine regions AWS IoT Events can be used in, with price changes differing slightly between regions.

This includes Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo in AWS’ Asia Pacific regions, North Virginia and Ohio in its US East regions, Oregon in its US West region and Frankfurt, Ireland and London in its Europe regions.

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