The next big thing from Apple is still just around the corner

The next big thing from Apple is still just around the corner

Don't be in such a rush to get self-driving cars.

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One of the shining tenets of the Apple rumour mill is that timing is not your problem, it's Apple's. If you say Apple will release something in the third week of January in 1997 and it doesn't release it until summer of 2032, that's not because you were wrong about a date, it's because the product was delayed.

Yes, Apple screwed up somehow and missed the release date that came from your uncle who totally works at Apple. You will be proven 100 per cent correct when Apple does finally release something, anything, that remotely looks like the thing you said they were going to release years ago.

Now that we have absolved the rumour mill of any and all wrongdoing, let's look at a couple of examples of how Apple has totally blown it yet again.

First off, more than one pundit predicted that Apple would announce its AR headset this summer. And why not?! We were roundly told for years that Apple was behind on this technology. Get with it, Apple!

The Macalope can't shake a stick without hitting someone on the street wearing headsets from Meta, Samsung and Brand Z Headsets Inc. He can't stop himself! That's why there are several restraining orders against him.

Now Apple is expected to announce an offering some time early in 2023, but that's going to be some high-priced device ordinary Joes with Classic Macs for heads certainly won't be able to afford. A more affordable option won't ship until 2025 at the earliest. Even if Apple's headset is only delayed about a year, it's not really going to arrive for a while.

But, Macalope, you say, what about how far behind Apple is on self-driving cars?

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