Apple needs to actually follow Microsoft’s lead for once

Apple needs to actually follow Microsoft’s lead for once

Apple should be willing to let go of a little control and share some of its wealth with its employees.

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You can certainly make the argument that the wealthiest company in the history of companies and wealth didn't get there by giving it all away. But it probably doesn't have to be as afraid of collective bargaining as it seems to be.

Wired reports on The Fallout From Apple's Bizarre, Dogged Union-Busting Campaign.

As the Macalope has said before, this is all very annoying. The horny one used to be able to joke about Amazon being the anti-union tech company. Now he has to think of other reasons to make fun of Amazon. Like the Fire Phone.

I mean, it's not hard. It's just annoying.

One wonders, if Microsoft Store employees unionised, would anyone notice? Probably not, but not because their stores are always empty. Or not just because they're always empty. Unlike Goofus Apple, Gallant Microsoft has entered into a labour neutrality agreement which lets its employees freely and fairly unionise. Good for them. The Macalope's sending a fruit basket to the Winotaur.

Apple, meanwhile, which has all the money in the world, chooses to spend it on a high-priced union-smashing law firm instead of possibly ceding some of it to its employees. You know the old saying: you gotta spend money to keep your employees from making money!

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