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3 top trends for 25 emerging technologies: Gartner

3 top trends for 25 emerging technologies: Gartner

What to keep in mind for up-and-coming tech.

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Evolving and expanding immersive experiences, accelerated artificial intelligence (AI) automation and optimised technology delivery are major trends that can help understand 25 emerging technologies, research firm Gartner has claimed.

According to Melissa Davis, vice president analyst at Gartner, a range of upcoming technologies have the potential to transform businesses but there is difficulty around their usage by CIOs and technology leaders.

“It is essential that organisations cut through the noise surrounding emerging technologies to accelerate change by leveraging innovations that drive competitive differentiation and efficiency,” she said.

Credit: Gartner

For example, a bevvy of technologies are delivering evolving and expanding immersive experiences, which include the metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), super apps and Web3, decentralised identity, digital humans, digital twin of the customer and internal talent marketplaces.

“A collection of emerging technologies supports such experiences through dynamic virtual representations, environments and ecosystems of customers and people, as well as new modes of user engagement,” Gartner said.

“With these technologies, individuals can control their own identities and data and experience virtual ecosystems that can be integrated with digital currencies. These technologies help reach customers in new ways to strengthen or open new revenue streams.”

Meanwhile, AI is expanding and is providing itself to be integral to products, services and solutions, resulting in autonomic systems, causal AI, foundation models, generative design AI and machine learning code generation.

“This is accelerating the creation of specialised AI models that can be applied to automate model development, training and deployment,” Gartner stated.

“AI automation refocuses the role of humans in AI development, resulting in more accurate predictions and decisions and faster time to expected benefits.”

As for optimised technologist delivery, a number of upcoming solutions are making the most of how people receive products, services and solutions, which include augmented FinOps, cloud data ecosystems, cloud sustainability, computational storage, cyber security mesh architecture, data observability, dynamic risk governance, industry cloud platforms, minimum viable architecture, observability driven development, OpenTelemetry and platform engineering.

“These technologies provide feedback and insight that optimise and accelerate product, service and solution delivery and increase sustainability of business operations,” the firm added.

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