Baffle launches new user interface to simplify application data security

Baffle launches new user interface to simplify application data security

Baffle Manager 2.0 adds REST APIs, secrets store, certificate store, and SSO to fully automate data protection over SaaS workflows.s

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Data security software provider Baffle has released Baffle Manager 2.0, an interface upgrade to automate enterprise-level data protection for applications, analytics, and AI.

The user interface upgrade is aimed at simplifying application-level encryptions, which were difficult and time-consuming with legacy systems, the company said in a press statement.

“Baffle Manager 2.0 is a single platform where users can create and manage their data protection policies across the cloud, legacy, and third-party applications and stay on the forefront of new AI initiatives,” said Ameesh Divatia, co-founder and chief executive officer at Baffle.

Baffle Manager 2.0 is available at launch to new and existing customers for no added cost. While new users will have immediate access to the new interface with deployment, existing customers can choose when they are ready to upgrade to the latest release.

Revamped UI brings in REST APIs

Baffle Manager 2.0 implements representational state transfer (REST) APIs to enable automation that, the company claimed, will allow organisations to configure, manage, and monitor various data protection services like key management, service configuration, encryption, tokenisation, and masking.

A REST API is an architectural style meant for designing networked applications to allow stateless communication between different software systems where the server does not maintain any knowledge or memory about the state of the clients between requests.

“The REST APIs allow Baffle customers to leverage the findings of a data security posture management tool that identifies the sensitive data they must protect and create encryption policies to protect that data as well as role-based access control policies to make sure that only those with authorised access can obtain the data,” Divatia added.

Version 2.0 includes new automation tools

Baffle Manager 2.0 includes a secrets store, certificates store, and Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication to simplify deployment and enterprise integration. This, the company claims, will allow the tool to fully automate virtually every action.

“Baffle Manager is the only solution that allows organisations to manage critical data protection at the field or record-level granularity,” Divatia said.

“As organisations move to the cloud and with the upcoming data explosion due to the next generation of data-intensive AI workflows, it will be essential for organisations to have granular control over the implementation and management of the protection of their data while still being able to scale it with ease.”

Additionally, version 2.0 adds multiregional and multitenant support respectively to provide better resiliency and recovery from a regional AWS failure and deliver record-level and database-level encryption to each tenant with individual keys.

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