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Microsoft improves F# language hints in Visual Studio

Microsoft improves F# language hints in Visual Studio

Microsoft is previewing inline type hints, inline parameter name hints, and return type hints for the F# programming language in Visual Studio.

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Microsoft has improved type and parameter name hints for the F# language in its Visual Studio IDE, adding return type hints while incorporating tooltips for all hints.

In a blog post on July 5, Microsoft provided an overview of code where developers can spot type hints, return type hints, and parameter name hints for F#, the company’s multi-paradigm programming language targeting the .NET software development platform. F# supports functional, object-oriented, and imperative programming models.

F# hints were inspired by inline hints for the C# language and will be built on top of the dedicated Roslyn API. Introduced as a preview in late-February, F# inline type hints and parameter name hints were intended to improve the F# editor experience in the Visual Studio IDE. These hints are expected to be useful when names of identifiers in code are not intuitive. Hints for F# save developers from having to hover to get information when coding. Hints were made available for the majority of F# features, including tuples and type constructors.

Hints are still in preview and turned off by default. Developers can configure them separately in Options (Go to Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> Advanced). Long-range plans for hints include implementing a hotkey for toggling hints, making them less intrusive, and including signature hints.

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