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OpenAI unveils ChatGPT Enterprise

OpenAI unveils ChatGPT Enterprise

Generative AI chatbot designed for use inside organisations offers enterprise-grade security and privacy.

Credit: Andrew Neel

AI company OpenAI has launched ChatGPT Enterprise, a version of the company’s generative AI chatbot designed for use inside organisations. ChatGPT Enterprise promises enterprise-grade security and privacy and unlimited access to the GPT-4 large language model (LLM).

Available now, ChatGPT Enterprise also features longer context windows for processing longer inputs, advanced data analysis capabilities, and customisation options, OpenAI said.

ChatGPT Enterprise removes usage caps and performs up to 2x faster. A 32k token context window allows users to process four-times-longer inputs or files. Also featured is unlimited access to advanced data analysis, previously was known as Code Interpreter. Advanced data analysis lets technical and non-technical teams analyse information in seconds, for scenarios ranging from financial researchers crunching market data to data scientists debugging an ETL script.

ChatGPT was launched nine months ago and has been adopted by more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies, according to OpenAI. Organisations that use ChatGPT Enterprise own and control the data; OpenAI will not train on the user’s business data or conversations, the company said. Models do not learn from a user site’s usage.

ChatGPT also is SOC 2-compliant (Service Organisation Controls), with all conversations encrypted at rest and in transit. An administrative console lets users manage team members and offers single sign-on, domain verification, and usage insights, enabling large-scale enterprise deployments.

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