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Atlassian adds new collaboration and integration features to Jira platforms

Atlassian adds new collaboration and integration features to Jira platforms

Two years after launching Jira Work Management, Atlassian has launched a host of new updates to the platform to allow both technical and non-technical teams to benefit from Jira.

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Atlassian has announced a host of new capabilities across its Jira Software and Jira Work Management platform to help reduce silos between technical and non-technical teams.

Two years ago, Atlassian launched Jira Work Management, bringing Jira capabilities to all enterprise business teams and enabling non-technical departments like marketing, HR, finance, and design to easily connect their work with that of their technical counterparts.

“Software development teams don’t just achieve a level of impact all by themselves,” said Megan Cook, head of product for Jira Software.

“There are marketers, program managers, designers and other non-technical teams who are really key to collaborating and making it all happen,” she said, adding that to make it easier for these teams to work together, Atlassian is continuing to roll out features in Jira Software that address non-technical use cases.

To improve collaboration between teams, with new shared release dates, upcoming product releases in Jira Software automatically sync to a team's calendar in Jira Work Management, also reducing the need to manually update a calendar if a project gets pushed forward or back.

Additionally, a new overview feature allows users to combine any number of projects into a single aggregated project, creating a shared timeline or calendar in which project managers can see every team’s work. A summary tab provides a centralised hub where leaders can access insights into ongoing projects, such as priority breakdowns and team workloads.

“Summaries can be embedded directly into Confluence, making it really easy to share updates with any team or other stakeholders that want to get added to the context alongside work,” Cook said.

Another new feature that Cook said has been highly requested by development teams is the command palette, which will now be available to Jira Software customers. Hitting the Command key on a Mac or CTRL K in Windows or Linux will unlock over 40 commands including search, navigation tools, and other quick actions.

Emboldening platform integrations

As part of the platform update, Atlassian is also integrating Atlassian Intelligence into Jira Work Management. Launched in April, the generative AI capabilities have been built on in-house AI models gained through the company’s acquisition of in 2022.

These AI-powered capabilities in Jira Work Management will allow users to change tone, summarise, and generate new content for issue descriptions and comments.

Finally, a new Figma for Jira app will be available later this year, allowing users to add designs to Jira by pasting a URL into the design field and use the Jira widget or the Jira plugin for Dev Mode to link a design directly to a Jira issue without leaving Figma.

Other new connections with Atlassian Admin, Atlassian Analytics, Access, Data Lake, and advanced security features will also be available to administrators from the next quarter, while Jira Work Management importer will make it easier to start a project using imported data from Jira Software, Trello, and other project management tools.

Users will also be able to link to an existing Confluence page or create a new page without leaving their Jira Work Management project.

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