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Devoli offers trans-Tasman internet services

Devoli offers trans-Tasman internet services

Expands reach of Vumeda platform

Karl Rosnell (Devoli)

Karl Rosnell (Devoli)

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Devoli is offering clients the ability to directly provision and manage internet and voice services through expanding the reach of its unified software platform, Vumeda into both Australia and New Zealand. 

The telco’s automation technology addresses pain points many businesses face when requiring broadband and voice connections in both countries. 

Until now, provisioning and managing this from either country has been slow and difficult: getting the connection provisioned typically involves multiple third parties and manual communications for each business site individually.

Devoli’s Vumeda automation platform has been proven at scale in New Zealand, and it’s now positioned to add an interoperable service in Australia. Customer service agents can provision and manage broadband for customers on both sides of the Tasman using a single platform.

“Devoli has alleviated the pain points for Trans-Tasman businesses needing unified internet and voice technology,” Devoli CEO Karl Rosnell explained. “Our Vumeda platform allows businesses to use our automation capabilities to easily order, sell, and manage voice and internet services.”

Managed service providers, ISPs and corporates can set up their own voice and internet connectivity to multiple sites in multiple locations in both countries using the Vumeda customer experience platform. 

Vumeda’s quoting tool shows the products and services available at an address, the price of those services, and allows an order to be placed and provisioned.

“Vumeda delivers control to customers. This allows them to confidently assure their clients of their strong relationships with traditional telecommunications companies, even though they have never met them,” Rosnell said.

With Vumeda, provisioning tasks involving New Zealand connections happen faster and require less effort, making it easier for service providers to extend their broadband reach into New Zealand.

“We’ve just implemented our first major trans-Tasman deployment. Our client is a managed telecommunications, network, and security provider, and they’re now managing their internet connectivity across both countries,” Rosnell said. “Devoli’s automated approach has saved them significant time and cost that would have been incurred had the customer needed to approach multiple internet vendors in both countries.”

Devoli’s NZ network provides voice and data services across the country, with over 26 data centres connected by 100G and 400G backhaul systems. Its trans-Tasman network utilises multiple 100G connections over the Southern Cross, Hawaiki and TGA cable systems.

Devoli’s network powers some of New Zealand’s residential broadband providers, MSPs and corporates in multiple sectors. Across their customers, they manage over 115,000 businesses and houses with over 10 million minutes of calls per month. Their core network handles up to 1Tbps of peak aggregate traffic per night. 

Vumeda enables customers to aggregate, integrate, bundle, and deliver telecommunications services – including white-labelled voice and broadband – to residential and business customers.

“We’ve helped a number of Australian businesses offer connectivity services and even become their own ISPs, and now we can help businesses with trans-Tasman operations find extreme efficiencies. For CFOs, our service represents another revenue stream. For CIOs, CTOs, and other decision-makers it simply makes their service easier to deliver and more affordable,” Rosnell said.

Devoli’s platform also integrates with third-party providers such as Stripe, Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, Netsuite, Zendesk, SAP, and Salesforce for end-to-end digital journeys and end-user billing, as well as with 3PLs such as CDL and CEVA for supply chain management.

All Devoli services are also backed by a dedicated customer success team, based in Australia and New Zealand.

Earlier this year, the network automation vendor bucked the trend of cloud migrations, opting to move to a hybrid on-prem solution powered by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE).

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