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FibreconX strikes Megaport partnership

FibreconX strikes Megaport partnership

Brings data centre experience to end users.

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Fibre infrastructure provider FibreconX has struck a partnership to deliver Megaport's services directly to customers in their office locations. 

The deal will see the delivery of the data centre experience to the end-user office with access speeds of 1Gb, 10Gb, and 100Gb.

FibreconX CEO Mark Rafferty said the partnership with Megaport would support businesses’ requirements as they increasingly adopt cloud services and artificial intelligence.

“We are perfectly placed to capitalise on soaring demand for cloud computing as Australian enterprises are moving quickly to adopt generative AI – which requires enormous amounts of network connectivity but more importantly a new network design that can guarantee latency,” Rafferty said. 

Megaport CEO Michael Reid said the partnership will deliver Megaport’s Network as a Service platform, and its 800+ enabled data centres globally, directly into branch offices.

 “Our vast global reach and platform are the ideal launchpad for the coming wave of unprecedented connectivity needs,” Reid said. 

“We’re witnessing the AI landscape absolutely erupt, and this surge isn’t just a ripple; it’s a tidal wave. 

“The extraordinary demand for GPUs continues to reverberate across industries, while calls for massive data centre expansion grow louder than ever. 

“But the crucial component to all of this is getting your data from where it resides today to where those GPUs are located, training those models, and then transferring it all back. This is where Megaport’s elastic connectivity shines, swinging you from the cloud to on-premises compute, to GPU farms, in under 60 seconds.”

Rafferty founded FibreconX in 2019, which is chaired by industry veteran David Yuile and backed by Andrew and Nicola Forrest’s private investment group Tattarang.

FibreconX launched a service called FibreXchange that connects CBD buildings into the data centre environment. Delivered via wholesale partnerships, the service enables CBD-based businesses to directly connect into FibreconX’s dedicated data centre network providing speeds and capacity at prices significantly cheaper than currently available through the incumbent telcos.

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