Stories by Deb Radcliff

  • How to root out rootkits

    If you want to know about the latest malicious rootkit, ask security researcher Dino Dai Zovi. He'll tell you all about his proof of concept rootkit called Vitriol that uses virtual machine instructions in Intel processors to hide a rootkit at the virtualization layer.

  • New security threats from every which way

    As enterprises seek out ways to reduce IT costs, optimize resources and improve operational efficiencies, three technology trends have started to dominate: virtualization, service-oriented architecture and mobility. More promising yet is the intertwining of these unique technologies.

  • Virtualization security needed -- now!

    For years, Inttra, an e-commerce logistics provider to the world's largest cargo-shipping organizations, has been using virtualization on its back-end IBM mainframe and Citrix Systems servers in a secure environment. Now the Parsippany, N.J., company primarily uses IBM blade servers running virtual Linux machines. VMware's virtualization technology on an Intel platform powers this New Data Center infrastructure.

  • Smart printers not on the security agenda

    Corporate IT shops haven't been concerned about printer security. Instead of patching and hardening printers, they have been complacent. Security experts say printers are loaded with more complex applications than ever, running every vulnerable service imaginable, with little or no risk management or oversight.