Stories by Renai LeMay

  • Virgin Mobile releases iPhone 4 plans

    Just a few hours hours before Apple's latest hyped handset is slated to go on sale at midnight tonight in Australia, Optus subsidiary Virgin Mobile has released its pricing for the device.

  • Conroy backs NBN opt-out model

    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy appears to have backed a so-called ‘opt-out’ model for the National Broadband Network where Australians would be required to choose not to have fibre internet connected to their premises — as opposed to the current model where they must opt-in.

  • UPDATED: Australian iPhone 4 pricing - the deals you can expect

    Telstra, Optus,VHA and Apple have released their respective local pricing details for the iPhone 4, with the big T also confirming it would open its stores around Australia at midnight on Thursday night to give full access to customers keen to pick up the hyped Apple handset as soon as humanly possible.

  • NBN fibre reach extended to 93 per cent

    The Federal Government will extend its planned fibre roll-out under the National Broadband Network from an initial 90 per cent of Australian premises to 93 per cent – covering an additional 1.6 million extra premises.

  • AMP moves Exchange, SharePoint into CSC's cloud

    CSC's heavy push into cloud computing services earlier this year has already paid off, Financial services group, AMP, has selected the IT services giant to host its Microsoft-based email and collaboration needs.

  • BigPond massively cuts broadband plan costs

    Telstra's BigPond internet service provider arm has dramatically cut prices on a range of its broadband plans, including a massive chop on its 200GB Elite plan which will see monthly prices drop from $179.95 to $89.95.

  • University study: 89% of BitTorrent is illegal

    The University of Ballarat has published a research paper claiming 89 per cent of BitTorrent files it studied during a certain period were confirmed to infringe copyright, a result immediately hailed by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft as a victory in its war against file sharing.

  • NBN Co nicks Westpac IT sourcing guru

    The National Broadband Network Company has scored another hiring coup, nicking senior talent from Westpac to bulk out its skills in dealing with technology vendors.

  • Telstra cutting dead management wood

    Telstra is conducting a review of its management structure that <a href="">could reportedly see up to 330 senior staff lose their jobs</a> - many of whom are believed to be on six figure salaries.

  • Australia, Japan reach broadband accord

    Australia and Japan appear to have signed a bilateral agreement relating to broadband, with NBN chief executive, Mike Quigley, and other government officials having met with Japanese Communications Minister, Kazuhiro Haraguchi, this week, according to reports.

  • Oh dear: For once, Conroy was right

    Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, doesn’t always get things right — sometimes he misspeaks. Whether it’s the “spams and scams coming through the portal” or talking about how the Queensland Police have “cracked peer to peer”, Conroy sometimes messes things up.