Stories by Renai LeMay

  • Federal Government issues ISP tender

    The Federal Government has issued a tender for Internet-based network connection services, in a whole of government procurement effort that will add to a similar effort earlier this year for internet services.

  • SMS in due diligence on two acquisitions

    Australian IT services company, SMS Management & Technology, is in due diligence with two potential acquisition targets as it looks to continue to bolt on other companies to its already growing base.

  • Quigley openly slams Coalition's broadband policy

    NBN Co chief executive Mike Quigley has delivered a stinging attack on <a href="">the Coalition's broadband policy</a>, publicly backing Labor's rival National Broadband Network project just days before the Federal Election due on Saturday.

  • iiNet launches 1TB broadband plans

    National broadband provider iiNet today unveiled an extensive revamp of its broadband plans, including what it claimed was Australia's first plan with a terabyte of included download quota.

  • Brumby creates pro-NBN Facebook group

    Victorian Premier and Labor stalwart, John Brumby, has created a new Facebook group where Victorians concerned about the Coalition’s broadband policy can make their feelings known.

  • Gillard launches NBN in Townsville as debate intensifies

    The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has intensified Labor's election focus on the National Broadband Network through a trip to examine the start of construction of the network in Townsville, as the Coalition continues to face questions from the community about its own broadband vision.

  • Four ISPs left - and Internode's the point five, says Malone

    There are only "four and a half" meaningful players left in Australia's internet service provider market, iiNet supremo Michael Malone said today - with companies like Primus, Eftel and others just not relevant any more in terms of providing competition.

  • Greens offer rival cyber-safety policy

    The Australian Greens has released its own cyber-safety policy to rival that of the two major parties, with the central planks being an obligation for ISPs to offer PC- or modem-based filtering technology to customers, stronger cybercrime law enforcement and better research and education in the field.

  • Customers, ISPs praise NBN Tasmania launch

    Some of the first customers and ISPs to use the fledging National Broadband Network fibre rollout in Tasmania have praised the network in promotional videos distributed last week by NBN Co as part of the infrastructure's official launch.

  • Conroy promises NBN speeds of up to 1Gbps

    Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, claims the National Broadband Network NBN willreach speeds of up 1Gbps, 10 times faster than the originally announced speeds of up to 100Mbps.

  • Telstra continues financial stagnation

    The nation’s biggest telco Telstra today unveiled another lacklustre financial result, with its overall sales revenue declining by 2.2 percent over the past year and net profit after tax also slumping 4.7 percent.

  • Richard Stallman: Net filter is a 'human rights attack'

    Labor's controversial mandatory internet filter project is an attack on human rights, and Australians should beware of the project and other tyrannical government policies, free software luminary Richard Stallman has said in an interview ahead of a visit to Australia in October.

  • "I'm no Bill Gates," says Tony Abbott

    Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, last night declared he was “no Bill Gates” in a lengthy interview on the ABC's 7:30 Report in which he appeared to display a lack of understanding of the Coalition's new broadband policy unveiled yesterday morning and repeatedly explained he was “no tech-head”.

  • Abbott is a Luddite, says Conroy

    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy this afternoon opened fire on Tony Abbott, labelling him a “luddite” for not having appearing to have anything to do with his party’s technology policies, on a day in which the Canberra press gallery also criticised the Opposition Leader on the issue.