Stories by Neal Weinberg

  • Gartner recommends 20 ways to cut IT costs

    In tough economic times, all enterprise departments are required to tighten their belts. To help IT execs navigate through the cost-cutting maze, Gartner analysts Wednesday presented a list of 20 ways that IT execs can slash expenses.

  • INTEROP - Cloudy picture for cloud computing

    You can call it <a href="">cloud computing</a>. You can call it grid computing. You can call it on-demand computing. Just don't call it the next big thing -- <a href="">at least not yet</a>.

  • Two-factor authentication: Hot technology for 2008

    We've known for a long time that requiring just a user name and password to get on the network or to access personal information on a Web site isn't the tightest security posture, but there weren't a lot of good alternatives, and there wasn't that much pressure to change.

  • NAC: Hot technology for 2008

    IT execs want to make sure that users don't come back from a business trip and infect the entire company. IT execs want to make sure contractors with visitor access to the network aren't able to do damage or get access to confidential information. And IT execs want to make sure that users are properly authenticated and that they only access applications they need to do their jobs.

  • Web 2.0: Hot technology for 2008

    When it comes to hot buzzwords, nothing comes close to Web 2.0. Nobody knows exactly what it means but everybody uses it. In fact, at Network World we've started getting press releases referring to Web 3.0.....whatever that is.

  • iSCSI: Hot technology for 2008

    ISCSI runs over plain, old Ethernet, which means you don't need a separate Fibre Channel network. You don't need host bus adapters. You don't need Fibre Channel switches. You don't need specialized IT staffers.

  • 802.11n: Hot technology for 2008

    Some day the IEEE will get around to finalizing the 802.11n standard that it began working on in 2003. That some day was supposed to be 2006. Then 2007. Then 2008. Maybe, the standard will be finalized in 2009. Maybe 2010.

  • Green IT: Hot technology for 2008

    There is no topic hotter than global warming. After all, Al Gore won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in raising awareness, his movie "An Inconvenient Truth" won an Oscar, and terms like "carbon footprint" are now part of the common lexicon.

  • Virtualization: Hot technology for 2008

    VMware, which created x86 server virtualization and is the dominant player in the market, is absolutely on fire. When EMC bought the company in 2003, VMware revenues were around US$100 million a year. VMware's final numbers for 2007 aren't out yet, but the company is on pace to hit US$1.5 billion.

  • Kasperskys discuss cybercrime

    Russian security professionals Eugene and Natalya Kaspersky discussed the Russian mafia, the latest in hacker tricks and their view that the bad guys are winning.

  • Analyst: Deploy Microsoft Vista in 2008

    Microsoft's Vista is expected to ship early next year, but companies shouldn't even think about deploying the new operating system until well into 2008, Gartner analyst Michael Silver says.

  • Is there a robot in your future?

    Joe Engelberger formed the first robotics company in 1957, sold the first industrial robotic arm to General Motors in 1962 and even demoed his Unimate robot on The Tonight Show in 1966 in order to popularise the idea that robots would one day be part of our daily lives.