Stories by Rodney Gedda

  • IP Australia automates with Web services

    Australia’s intellectual property governing body, IP Australia, has embarked on a world-leading Web services project that will enable electronic patent lodgement to reduce the amount of manual processing required.

  • Telstra takes an opt-out tack

    Telstra looks like it is flagrantly disregarding the Australian Communication Authority’s (ACA) spam guidelines by forcing an opt-out of corporate e-mail and marketing material on users of its new online DVD service.

  • HP to support MySQL locally

    Users of the MySQL open source database will soon have the option of calling Hewlett-Packard for support as the systems vendor extends its US-lead decision to Australia.

  • SCO to restrict GPL’d Solaris, moves to push IBM trial back

    Less than one week after Sun Microsystems’ chief operating officer Jonathan Schwartz pledged to open source its Solaris operating system, The SCO Group has stated that licence restrictions prevent Sun from contributing its work to the GPL (General Public Licence).

  • Vic IT leaders deem open source laws unnecessary

    The Victorian government's newly appointed chief technical officer Tony Aitkenhead is standing firm and refusing to buckle to demands from industry body Open Source Victoria (OSV) to adopt ACT-style open source procurement legislation.

  • CSC switches on IP telephony

    IT services giant CSC has migrated some 1300 staff to IP telephony as part of a corporate headquarters relocation to Macquarie Park in Sydney.

  • ACA moves to regulate VoIP

    Mid-2005 will herald a new era in voice over IP telecommunications when the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) introduces specific regulations for service providers and enterprises stipulating how the technology must be delivered.

  • Broadband timebomb ticks for enterprise networks

    A network capacity timebomb with the potential to cripple businesses if left unchecked awaits Australian enterprises, leading industry figures warned last week. It is an impending crisis similar to Telstra's infamous BigPond e-mail fiasco, they said.

  • Comindico launches eCall brand

    Only four years and $400 million later, national IP carrier Comindico has launched its VoIP telephony service to businesses under the eCall brand.