Stories by Rodney Gedda

  • Dual branding keeps HP on top

    Retaining the Compaq brand on PCs and notebooks has helped HP keep its number one position in the PC market as well as gaining the top spot in consumer notebooks, according to product marketing director Tony Ignatavicius.

  • Open source fan to resubmit bill

    Democrat MP, Ian Gilfillan, is to resubmit an amended version of proposed legislation to mandate the use of open source software to the South Australian parliament.

  • Analyst: Open source not cheaper, Sun is dead

    As long as cost-cutting dominates the IT landscape the rush by enterprises to seek out Linux and open source alternatives will continue, despite the fact it isn't any cheaper than proprietary software, according to Meta research director, Dr Kevin McIsaac.

  • Alston dismisses call for open source procurement guidelines

    Guidelines proposed by the Australian Unix Users Group (AUUG) promoting a “level playing field” between open source and proprietary software within government departments are unnecessary, according to the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.

  • Open source faces NSW Govt evaluation

    As governments across Australia debate the ramifications of open source software, the NSW Department of Commerce has set up an open source evaluation project involving about 40 agencies.

  • SA Uni goes live with massive wireless network

    In what may be the largest of its type in Australia, the University of South Australia will begin using its new 802.11g-based wireless network this week, less than one month after the IEEE officially ratified the standard.

  • SA looks at open source law

    Government departments in South Australia will be required to use open source software in preference to proprietary software if a bill proposed by Democrat, Ian Gilfillan, is passed into law.

  • TransACT eyes subscriber bandwidth control

    TransACT Communications, a Canberra-based IP (Internet Protocol) carrier, has set its sights on allowing its customers to dynamically control the amount of bandwidth they use in real time.

  • Brisbane school first to taste 802.11a

    Brisbane Boys' College has implemented 802.11a wireless networking across its seniors' campus becoming one of the first schools in Australia to use the nascent technology.

  • Cisco centre radiates speed

    Cisco has opened a converged mobility centre in North Sydney that will showcase the deployment of high speed, IP-based networking and highlight the vendor's 802.11a (54Mbps) and 802.11b (11Mbps)-compliant Aironet wireless access points.