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Stories by Tim Greene

  • MI5 attacks botnets

    <a href="" target="_blank">MI5 Networks</a> is adding botnet protection to its secure Web gateway appliance, making it possible to detect and block the malicious activity of corporate machines commandeered as launch pads for spam and distributed denial-of-service attacks.

  • SonicWall, Aventail marriage could bolster customer NAC options

    The marriage of <a href="" target="_blank">SonicWall</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Aventail</a> could result in a new network access control (NAC) vendor after the companies have the chance to assess and integrate their respective technologies.

  • Citrix extends WAN optimization to laptops

    Citrix is announcing software at Interop Las Vegas this week designed to speed up traffic between individual computers and corporate sites using its WAN acceleration appliances on only one end of the connection.

  • HP ships laptops with disk encryption

    HP is shipping business-grade laptops that include full disk-encryption software from SafeBoot so lost and stolen laptops don't result in lost or compromised data.

  • Open source swarms around NAC

    A pair of Harvard University IT staffers last week released a free virtual appliance that supports their open source network access control platform -- just one of many free NAC tools springing up to address security-hungry customers.

  • Microsoft IP PBX still needs to grow up

    VOIP capabilities within Office Communicator Server 2007 from Microsoft can offer significant business advantages for corporations, but it's not all plug-and-play yet.

  • Check Point adds new NAC capabilities

    Check Point Software is announcing a supplemental NAC architecture this week that integrates its deep-inspection firewalls with Intel-based network interface cards to block rogue behavior.

  • Riverbed adds optimization of SSL traffic

    Riverbed Technology is adding SSL support to its Steelhead WAN optimization gear, making it possible to accelerate a potentially large volume of network traffic that the equipment couldn't get at before.

  • Watchfire tools ease security checks

    Watchfire is upgrading its application vulnerability-testing software so it's easier for Web software developers to run scans on code and to close security holes.

  • Enterasys security appliance embraces multivendor NAC

    Enterasys has upgraded the software for its security appliances so they can execute network access control on traffic coming through non-Enterasys switches, making them a viable protection option for the vast number of businesses that don't have the vendor's gear.