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Stories by Matt Hamblen

  • New smart phones due out next year

    Three new cell phones that double as personal organisers have been announced for shipment early next year, offering mobile users the chance to carry one device instead of two.

  • Fiorina: HP wants to be top in PC sales

    Hewlett-Packard wants to be the number 1 or 2 in worldwide PC sales and has decided not to become a major application service provider (ASP), CEO Carly Fiorina told attendees of Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2000.

  • Wireless Insecurity

    Every business should be lucky enough to get a visit from a friendly hacker like Jeff Schmidt. On July 27, Schmidt tried out a brand new wireless LAN card on his laptop at work.

  • Data-jamming issue could stall Bluetooth

    Bluetooth could make possible what experts are calling the personal-area network by allowing users to transmit small amounts of data at about 1Mbps up to about 10 metres over the 2.4GHz radio frequency. But analysts warn that transmissions from Bluetooth-enabled devices could jam transmissions over wireless LANs that use the 802.11 standard, resulting in very slow transmission speeds for users on both networks but mainly on 802.11 LANs.

  • Intel: Chip speed really does matter

    Intel CEO Craig Barrett defended his company's release of ever-faster Pentium III processors last week, despite complaints about the limited number of applications for corporate users. Barrett conceded that 95 per cent of the time corporate users won't need the latest, fastest processors, as new desktop models exceed 600MHz.

  • Mattel applying TLC to Web site

    Interactive software developer and vendor The Learning Company (TLC) has its parent company, Mattel, moving in on its proven e-commerce infrastructure in the US to leverage sales of its own well-established brands.

  • Mobiles head PC Expo

    It's called PC Expo, but because the PC has become mobile, so has much of the show. While traditional desktop computers featured in the New York show, laptops, handhelds and smart phones figured heavily in the mix of 500 exhibits.

  • Legislation seeks to stem Y2K lawsuits

    With 34 lawsuits over year 2000 problems already in the courts, United States House and Senate Republicans hope to stem a costly legal stampede with legislation, including a bill filed last week.