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Stories by Jaikumar Vijayan

  • IBM drops Intel high-end server

    Users of an IBM server line the company acquired through its purchase of Sequent Computer Systems are being forced to migrate to other systems as a result of IBM's decision to ditch the technology.

  • Microsoft investigating alleged flaw in IE browser

    Microsoft said it's investigating an alleged flaw in recent versions of its Internet Explorer (IE) browser software that could allow attackers to spoof legitimate Web sites, steal content from browser cookies and gain access to certain types of files on a victim's system.

  • CERT: Unix flaw could allow malicious hacking

    A vulnerability in a component of a graphical user interface that ships with several commercial Unix systems could let a malicious attacker take administrative control of an affected host system, according to an advisory Tuesday from the CERT Coordination Center at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

  • MS withdraws faulty server patch

    A patch released by Microsoft to protect Windows 2000 and Windows NT servers against a denial-of-service vulnerability has been withdrawn after users who installed it complained that it caused their systems to malfunction.

  • Users: Nimda a tough worm to fight

    Cleaning out systems infected by the Nimda worm could prove to be a much harder and more time-consuming task for users than getting rid of other pieces of malicious software.

  • Worm hard to fight, but patches are available

    The multiple ways in which the Nimda worm is able to propagate makes it that much harder to defend against than other recent worms and viruses, security analysts said. But corporations that apply the latest Microsoft patches and use updated virus-protection software from antivirus vendors appear to be reasonably well protected against it.

  • Wyly rachets down fight for CA

    Texas billionaire Sam Wyly has taken a step back from the proxy fight for control of Computer Associates and reduced the number of board nominees his company Ranger Governance will field, from 10 to four.

  • Outlook e-mail vulnerability found

    A vulnerability in an ActiveX control shipped with Microsoft's Outlook 98, Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002 e-mail software could let an attacker run malicious code on a victim's computer via either a Web page or HTML e-mail.