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Stories by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

  • Samsung allegedly threatens to strand bloggers in Berlin

    You may have read the story that broke over the weekend about two mobile bloggers from India who accepted a trip to Berlin from Samsung. If you missed it, in a nutshell, the story serves as a cautionary tale for tech bloggers who do not believe in the adage "there is no such thing as a free lunch" and companies seeking creative ways to boost positive online buzz.

  • Dell Latitude E6330: Perfectly professional

    The Dell Latitude E6330 may not look like much: It's a business-oriented laptop focused on, well, productivity. It's not as pretty as an Ultrabook, nor as powerful as a gaming laptop, but it gets the job done. The E6330 particularly shines when it comes to business-oriented tasks, such as when you're working in Office programs and saving documents. That’s not terribly exciting, to be sure, but Dell has definitely found the Latitude’s niche.

  • HP Envy Sleekbook 6z-1000: Lust-worthy looks, so-so performance

    HP's Sleekbooks are a line of higher-end systems based on AMD processors. These notebooks are slim, light, and have a cool, ultramodern design. But the Envy Sleekbook 6z-1000 isn't super high-end: it has an AMD processor and 4GB of RAM, and it costs just $600. In other words, it's the perfect notebook for people who care more about looks and price than processor speed. The looks are even a notch above the slim and similar-looking Acer Aspire TimelineUltra M5.

  • Pinterest is (finally) open for business

    Virtual pinboard site Pinterest has finally ditched its invitation-only status, and has opened its doors to, well, the Internet. Now anyone and everyone can start pinning away, after they sign up for a Pinterest account using their Facebook account, Twitter account, or email address.

  • 10 ways to repurpose your old iPad

    Every year, Apple releases a new iPad--and every year, iPad lovers wrack their brains for reasons why they absolutely must have that new iPad. If you already own an Apple tablet, it can be tough to justify replacing that old iPad with the latest version.

  • 10 ways Facebook will rule our lives

    After all the attention, clamor, and expectations Facebook is now a publicly traded company worth $104 billion. With shares trading at a hundred times earnings, Facebook is under a lot of pressure to increase the profit that it brings in. In other words, now the fun begins.

  • Photon Android app: This puzzler needs polishing

    Photon is a futuristic match-three puzzle game designed in the drop-down style of Tetris. Your goal is to clear screens by connecting brightly colored discs with your finger. The app, developed by Bifrost Studios, is free on Google Play but requires an in-app purchase of $0.99 for full functionality. Unfortunately, while Photon is fun and addictive, it suffers from multiple performance issues that its designer needs to address.

  • Samsung Series 5 Ultra: Slim and stylish, but not an Ultrabook

    The Samsung Series 5 Ultra is the company's first foray into the Ultrabook market (if you don’t count the Series 9, which predates the Ultrabook brand). There's just one problem: It weighs nearly 4 pounds, and measures 0.82 inch thick. In other words, this 14-inch laptop is closer to a regular ol' ultraportable than it is to an Ultrabook.

  • HP Omni 220 Quad: Fast, affordable, homely

    HP's Omni line is known for its speediness - the HP Omni 200 Quad is one of the quickest budget all-in-one PCs we've tested - and the HP Omni 220 Quad, which starts at $US1000 (as of March 14, 2012), is no different. Actually, it is different: It's even faster than the Omni 200.