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Stories by Paul McNamara

  • The real sticking point with Microsoft/Yahoo!

    Microsoft's desperate struggle to acquire all or part of Yahoo! has gotten hung up not on disagreement over a fair price for the latter's online advertising operations, sources say, but rather the value of Yahoo!'s iconic exclamation point.

  • Worst of the online retail lot for two years running

    That's the uncomfortable verdict for PCMall and PCConnection rendered last week by the "ForeSee Results Top 100 Online Retail Satisfaction Index." Not only did those two outlets bring up the rear among computer and electronics sites, they brought up the rear, period.

  • Microsoft, Novell making more noise in China

    Microsoft and Novell announced Monday that they are intensifying their joint effort to persuade Chinese IT executives to pay for their software, specifically through the much maligned marketing relationship that finds Redmond beating its deafening drum for the SUSE Linux Enterprise distribution controlled by its onetime bitter, now compliant rival.

  • 3.3 billion mobile accounts: one for every two earthlings

    Somewhere on the planet last Thursday, someone skipped over pages of fine print they will later regret not reading in order to sign a mobile services contract that brought the worldwide number of such accounts to 3.3 billion, a figure roughly equal to half the Earth's population.

  • Here's why .pdf spam went pffft

    It's no secret that spammers have informal communications channels and freely share tricks of the trade on the Internet. But what happened in August is enough to make you suspect they have an organized trade union -- or even a government -- that allows what would otherwise be a scattered collection of freelance vermin to operate in surprising unison.

  • Microsoft 'silently' restores root certs users ax

    Kill off any one of 230 root certificates available under the default configuration of Windows XP Service Pack 2 and the operating system will "silently" revive it and restore the certificate to the trusted status that the user intended to be revoked. And in Windows Vista you just can't kill them, period.

  • DEMO - Vendors make a splash

    Sixty-eight companies at Network World's DEMO 07 conference last week managed to bring attention to their new products and services without shutting down a single highway, bridge or river. Not a bomb-sniffing dog in sight. No one hauled off in handcuffs.

  • Notes and Domino slip again

    Lotus CEO Jeff Papows last month straight-out promised customers they would get the long-delayed 5.0 versions of Notes and Domino before the end of February.

  • Lotus lays it on the line at Lotusphere Release 5 delayed . . . again

    Not even one more delay of a major upgrade that's already a year late could dampen the enthusiasm of Lotus Notes and Domino customers last week at Lotusphere '99. At Lotus' annual customer conference here, 8500 IT professionals and business partners learned that the Notes 5.0 client and Domino 5.0 server upgrades will not ship until at least mid February.

  • Linux gets the thumbs up

    Despite long-standing professions of indifference, it turns out that Lotus Development loves Linux after all. CEO Jeff Papows drew vigorous applause during his Lotusphere '99 keynote when he told conference attendees that Domino Server will be made available on open source Linux sometime this year. The company offered no other details about the planned release, such as which commercial brand or brands of Linux will be supported or a more precise ship date.

  • Lotus exec explains decision

    Talk to Lotus' Cliff Reeves about his vendor's decision to discontinue Domino support for Novell's NetWare and one fact immediately becomes crystal clear: Lotus did not consider this a close call. "Very, very few customers have installed [Domino] 4.5 or 4.6 on NetWare," says Reeves, who is vice president of communications product management. "[NetWare] didn't plummet like a stone, but it had its period where it was strong, and it's been in decline ever since."

  • Can GroupWise 5.5 convince the sceptics?

    Document management enhancements are probably the key new features to Novell's just released GroupWise 5.5. Novell last week began shipping its newest messaging and collaboration software, which had been code-named Surge.

  • Can GroupWise 5.5 persuade the Novell sceptics?

    Document management enhancements are probably the key new features to Novell's messaging and collaboration software, GroupWise 5.5, launched this week. Code-named Surge, the revised product could represent Novell's last chance to convince sceptics that GroupWise deserves the same consideration from customers as market leaders Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange.

  • Novell's ZEN and the year 2000

    NetWare customers grappling with year 2000 problems may find help in ZENworks 1.1, an upgraded desktop management tool Novell plans to ship later this year.