Stories by Paul Krill

  • Microsoft plans product barrage

    Microsoft during the next 12 to 18 months plans a barrage of announcements unequaled during any period in the company's history, a Microsoft official said on Monday evening.

  • Microsoft's Visual Studio may be modularized

    Microsoft's planned "Hawaii" release of its Visual Studio development platform may feature modularisation, a Microsoft business partner said. But Microsoft officials are remaining mostly tightlipped about the project.

  • Sun's CEO cites OS as differentiator

    Oracle's and Microsoft's moves to accommodate Linux show how important it is to have an operating system, said Sun Microsystems President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz, promoting Sun's own Solaris OS.

  • OPENWORLD - Sun CEO sets open source Java time frame

    Demonstrating a perhaps more aggressive path than anticipated, Sun Microsystems is set to announce the open-sourcing of the core Java platform within 30 to 60 days, Sun President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz said at the Oracle OpenWorld conference on Wednesday.

  • HP, Oracle, Intel eye mainframe migrations

    Eyeing the fertile market of IBM mainframe installations, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, and Intel on Tuesday detailed a program that incorporates SOA and grid concepts in helping migrate mainframe applications.

  • Microsoft moves on AJAX

    Microsoft has released a beta version of its AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) programming technology, formerly code-named Atlas and now called Microsoft ASP.Net AJAX v1.0.

  • Sun: Java will work well with Vista

    Sun Microsystems is fending off reports that Java doesn't jive with the upcoming Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. Java SE 6 is due in November; Vista will be out early in 2007.

  • Black Duck spruces up UI in software compliance system

    Black Duck Software on Monday is releasing an upgrade to its protexIP system for software compliance management featuring an AJAX-based (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) user interface to increase responsiveness. A new software development kit also is a highlight.

  • IBM prepares open source systems management initiative

    IBM and other parties are set to propose an open source systems management initiative for consideration by the Eclipse Foundation, with managing SOA a goal of the plan, an IBM official said at the EclipseWorld 2006 conference on Friday.

  • IBM extending tech support to raw Eclipse platform

    IBM Rational on Thursday is announcing plans to provide technical support for the Eclipse open source tools platform, thus giving customers a single point of contact for both open source and IBM's commercial technologies for software development. IBM will also unveil plans for upcoming tools geared to the new Eclipse 3.2 platform, and it is rolling out online developer resources for Eclipse users. IBM is making the announcements at the EclipseWorld conference.

  • Intel helps multicore CPU app developers

    Intel on Monday is shipping three threading tools to enable developers to better take advantage of newfangled multicore processors. The tools include Threading Building Blocks 1.0, a C++ runtime library to introduce threads to an application; Thread Checker 3.0, a threading analysis tool to minimize the potential for errors, and Thread Profiler 3.0, which provides insight into how application threads interact. Threading Building Blocks is a new product; the other two offerings are upgrades to existing products.

  • WebMethods buys semantic metadata technology for SOA

    With a focus on SOA, webMethods on Monday will announce its acquisition of technology assets from Cerebra for use as a federated metadata repository. The repository will be featured in the webMethods Fabric business process management and integration in platform in version 7.0 of Fabric this December.

  • Borland prepares to run Gauntlet for ALM

    Just because Borland Software is exiting the developer tools business does not mean the company will not be tending to enterprise application developers, says Borland's Rob Cheng, director of developer solutions. To this end, the company is getting ready to release its Gauntlet continuous building and testing automation system, with the goal of helping developers better manage the development process.