Stories by Paul Krill

  • Novell hails Linux, criticises SCO

    Novell officials at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo have hailed their company's commitment to Linux and criticised The SCO Group for its attempts to extract licensing fees for use of the open source platform.

  • Open source code quality endorsed

    Code in the Apache open source Web server Version 2.1 is on par with that found in commercial equivalents, according to a study by Reasoning, which provides code inspection services.

  • XML querying proposed as Java standard

    Oracle and IBM plan to announce a Java Specification Request (JSR) to define a Java API for invocations of queries written in the W3C standard XML query language, XQuery, according to an Oracle representative.

  • IBM to boost grid capabilities

    Endorsing grid computing as a means to better utilise IT resources, IBM plans to add grid computing technologies to its operating systems and WebSphere application server beginning later this year.

  • Tibco, HP partner on business process management

    Tibco Software is partnering with HP to develop a Web services-based process management offering that enables joint customers to integrate and optimise infrastructure alerts and business process management alerts.

  • PC vendors eye Java

    PC vendors are considering licensing Java to get it to customers, according to a Sun Microsystems official.

  • Sun broadens Linux backing

    Sun Microsystems will adopt commonly known Linux distributions for deployment on a range of Intel-based systems it is planning and will no longer offer its Sun Linux distribution.

  • Sun, WebMethods win WS-I election

    Sun Microsystems and webMethods have won coveted seats on the board of directors of the Web Services Interoperability Organisation (WS-I), which is developing profiles and recommended practices for using Web services to integrate systems.