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Stories by Paul Krill

  • Java IDE shines on Ruby

    JetBrains is now accommodating Ruby developers with the company's IntelliJ Idea Java IDE. A beta plug-in released Feb. 1 enables the product to serve as an IDE for developing Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications, the company said. Ruby is a popular dynamic scripting language; Ruby on Rails is an open source Web framework that leverages Ruby.

  • Microsoft abandons IDE patent application

    Citing a mistaken filing, Microsoft has abandoned a patent application for technology in its Visual Studio software development platform that originated outside the company, a Microsoft representative said on Tuesday.

  • Compuware details quality management product

    Compuware, Parasoft, and AutomatedQA this week plan to offer products to improve software development processes, with Compuware focused on quality assurance, Parasoft on SOA testing, and AutomatedQA on build and release management.

  • IBM advancing global-based software development

    Building on its Jazz strategy for collaboratively building software, IBM Rational will offer versions of its products geared toward global cooperative development with an eye toward boosting SOA in 2007.

  • Nexaweb upgrades Web 2.0 platform

    Nexaweb on Monday is expanding its Enterprise Web 2.0 application platform, adding a client framework for AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and Java as well as Web services enhancements.

  • Microsoft plans product barrage

    Microsoft during the next 12 to 18 months plans a barrage of announcements unequaled during any period in the company's history, a Microsoft official said on Monday evening.

  • Microsoft's Visual Studio may be modularized

    Microsoft's planned "Hawaii" release of its Visual Studio development platform may feature modularisation, a Microsoft business partner said. But Microsoft officials are remaining mostly tightlipped about the project.

  • Sun's CEO cites OS as differentiator

    Oracle's and Microsoft's moves to accommodate Linux show how important it is to have an operating system, said Sun Microsystems President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz, promoting Sun's own Solaris OS.

  • OPENWORLD - Sun CEO sets open source Java time frame

    Demonstrating a perhaps more aggressive path than anticipated, Sun Microsystems is set to announce the open-sourcing of the core Java platform within 30 to 60 days, Sun President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz said at the Oracle OpenWorld conference on Wednesday.