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Stories by Paul Krill

  • Gates: Future Office to boast workflow

    Microsoft's next major version of the Office applications suite will feature built-in workflow capabilities, according to company chairman and chief software architect, Bill Gates.

  • Gates: Open source, interoperability not synonymous

    Microsoft chairman and chief software architect, Bill Gates, has sent an email to customers emphasising the company's commitment to being interoperable and stressing that open source and interoperability are not necessarily one and the same.

  • Open source panelists tout business models, pan patents

    Dignitaries from the open source and venture capital communities serving on a panel Tuesday evening tossed around perspectives on building a business in open source, but essentially were in agreement about the potential negative effects of patents on open source projects.

  • IBM offers developers modeling transition tool

    Looking to enable transitions between application modeling platforms, IBM this week is making available the IBM Model Transformation Framework (MTF) on its alphaWorks site for previewing technologies.

  • Former Sun, BEA executives forge grid venture

    Former executives from companies such as Sun Microsystems, BEA Systems, and Oracle this week are formally launching a venture called Cassatt, which is endeavoring to automate IT operations, leverage commodity hardware and software, and govern network compute cycles in a grid-like manner.

  • Oracle to tout BI, content management

    Oracle at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco this week plans to focus on its "Data Hub" technology for business intelligence, content management for the masses, grid computing, and integration, according to a company offical.

  • Microsoft, Sun to talk about cooperation

    Microsoft and Sun Microsystems on December 1 will deliver a joint update on their collaborations pursuant to an April 2004 technology-sharing agreement to boost interoperability between the two vendors' products, according to a Microsoft representative on Wednesday.

  • SDForum: Open source becoming first option

    Enterprises that in the past may have been leery of open source alternatives to commercial software have opened up to the concept, panelists said on Tuesday at an SDForum conference entitled "Open Source - Entering the Mainstream."

  • IBM readying tools for SMB

    IBM on Wednesday announced the pre-release of several tools for SMBs (small and midsize businesses) designed to speed development of solutions built on IBM middleware.

  • BEA touts industry-specific solutions initiative

    BEA Systems is rolling out its BEA Enterprise Solutions program, featuring the company's Solution Frameworks initiative to link BEA WebLogic Platform with partners' products for deployment of SOAs (service-oriented architectures).

  • Java integration spec pushed

    Sun Microsystems and several other vendors on Wednesday released an early draft of a specification intended to ease integration of Java-based systems, but IBM and BEA Systems have dropped out of participation in the effort.

  • Microsoft focuses on apps modeling

    Microsoft is looking to extend visual modeling of applications in its Visual Studio 2005 platform, with an early release of technology to enable developers to author industry-specific modeling tools.

  • Microsoft ponders licensing for app virtualization

    Noting two evolving areas of software licensing, Microsoft is pondering how to license when multiple instances of an application are run on a single computer, but is not eyeing a plan for utility-based computing, in which charges are based on individual usage.