Stories by Paul Krill

  • Sun joins Web Services Interoperability Organisation

    Sun Microsystems, which had been shut out of the Web Services Interoperability Organisation (WS-I) board and thus had refused to join the organisation, is joining WS-I as a contributing member and intends to run for the group's policy-making board in March 2003.

  • Macromedia to extend Flash to app servers

    Macromedia is set to extend Macromedia Flash Remoting MX to .Net and Java application servers, enabling Internet application development for these platforms based on Macromedia's technology.

  • Intel to boost Xeon processors

    Intel plans to introduce 2.6GHz and 2.8GHz versions of its Xeon server chip, for dual and single-processor applications such as Web hosting, security and streaming media, the chip maker announced at the Intel Development Forum this week.

  • Borland details work on .Net tool

    Borland Software in early 2003 plans to offer a development environment specifically tailored to the Microsoft .Net programming model, a Borland official said on Tuesday.

  • MS readies compliance kit for Web services

    Looking to drive industry adoption of its Web services standards proposals, Microsoft on Monday plans to announce availability of a software development kit featuring its own specifications.

  • Oracle to release cluster file system for Linux

    Hoping to tap into the Linux market and gain more sales for its bread-and-butter database, Oracle at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo this week plans to detail a clustered file system for the Linux OS along with a Linux installer wizard and other tools, as well as make source code for these products available to users.

  • Sun shows road to Solaris 10

    Sun Microsystems officials on Friday offered a sneak peak into its Solaris OS plans, touting incremental improvements in areas such as resource management expected to reach users' systems within a year.

  • IBM reveals Informix technology plans

    IBM is looking to utilise Informix technology in its DB2 database to enable real-time analysis of streaming data such as ticker-tape data, company officials said this week.

  • Intel eyes RISC server vendors

    Intel is charging ahead with its goal to unseat "proprietary" vendors such as Sun Microsystems to become the leader in the enterprise server space, company officials said during a press event on Friday.

  • Microsoft seeks converts to .Net

    Microsoft has announced availability of a second beta release of JLCA (Java Language Conversion Assistant), a tool for Java developers to provide a transition to building XML Web services based on the Microsoft .Net platform.