Stories by Agam Shah

  • CES - Plasma and LCD TVs getting thinner

    Ultra-thin flat panel displays were the highlight of this year's International Consumer Electronics Show, with many vendors showing thinner and sleeker high-definition TVs, giving users a peek of what LCD, plasma and OLED screens will look like in a few years.

  • CES - Otellini sees Internet search coming to users

    Preaching mobility to an audience teeming with cell-phone and laptop users, Intel CEO Paul Otellini looked into the crystal ball and predicted that Internet search will approach users instead of users approaching search.

  • CES - Panasonic shows 150-inch plasma screen

    Plasma screens just keep getting bigger, with Panasonic on Monday showing the prototype of a new 150-inch plasma display, which the company says is the largest flat-panel display in the world.

  • CES - AMD lights Puma platform up with hybrid graphics

    Advanced Micro Devices on Monday provided further details about its next-generation Puma platform for notebook PCs, which is designed to maximize battery life while meeting the heavy graphics performance demanded by the Windows Vista OS.

  • IBM restructures systems division

    With the aim to improve company performance and better meet customers' needs, IBM has announced it is realigning its Systems and Technology group around types of clients.

  • Year End - OLPC struggles to realize ambitious vision

    Greeted with fanfare and kudos when its prototype PC was shown off by Nicholas Negroponte and United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan more than two years ago at the World Symposium on the Information Society in Tunis, the One Laptop Per Child project is now beset by waning orders and competition from commercial vendors that threaten to sideline the nonprofit effort.

  • Dell reinventing itself, but support issues linger

    Dell's efforts to reinvent itself this year through a dramatic break from its direct-sales model, expanded services and new enterprise offerings have shown positive early results, but some users have lingering concerns about supply chain management and support -- long-time issues for the company.