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Stories by David Newman

  • EXCLUSIVE TEST: Huawei switch: Good first effort

    In this Clear Choice test – Huawei's first public outing in a North American setting – the world's largest telecom vendor took the humble approach, supplying a pretty basic managed layer-2 switch that is a key building block found in every enterprise wiring closet.

  • What is a vulnerability?

    Judging by initial appearances, our security testing turned up a ton of vulnerabilities – nearly 150 of them. In reality, however, none represented actual issues in the Huawei switch.

  • Huawei: Separating fact from fiction

    Chinese telecom provider Huawei was hardly a household word a few months ago, but it's had lots of negative publicity of late, from an Economist cover story to a 60 Minutes piece.

  • Fast-forwarding firewall faceoff

    Next-generation firewalls claim to identify application-layer attacks and enforce application-specific policies while delivering top-notch performance, even with advanced security features turned on.

  • How we tested the next-generation firewalls

    We assessed performance using three sets of tests, covering forwarding rates with mixed HTTP content; rates with static HTTP content, and TCP connection behavior. Two pairs of Spirent Avalanche 3100 GT traffic generator/analyzers, each equipped with two 10G Ethernet interfaces, served as the primary test tool. We connected all devices using an Arista Networks 7124S 10-gigabit Ethernet top-of-rack switch.

  • Scaling Up With SonicWALL's Supermassive

    SonicWALL's initial response to results of our SSL decryption tests was "you've got to be kidding - we go way faster than that." Indeed, the vendor's internal tests showed the Supermassive decrypting SSL traffic at rates well into the gigabit range, compared with less than 100Mbps in some of our tests.

  • How we tested Arista's DCS-7508 switch

    We assessed the Arista DCS-7508 with tests of performance and power consumption. The performance tests used the Spirent TestCenter test instrument to measure layer-2 and layer-3 unicast throughput and latency; layer-2 and layer-3 multicast throughput and latency; OSPF equal cost multipath (ECMP); N+1 fabric failover; buffering capacity; OSPF routing capacity; and multi-chassis link aggregation (MLAG). All tests used version 4.8.4 of Arista's EOS software and Version 3.95 of Spirent TestCenter software.