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Synology creates network attached storage, IP surveillance solutions, and network equipment that transform the way users manage data, conduct surveillance, and manage network in the cloud era

How hybrid cloud strategy can help protect your business data

For many businesses, the idea of putting your business data entirely on a public cloud is an idea that’s immediately appealing in its simplicity. Unfortunately, this approach isn’t without its own risks. No solution is perfect, and even the most popular cloud solutions are vulnerable to malfunctions by service providers, human errors by users and malicious attacks from hackers.

Backing up your SaaS data to on-premises storage: How to do it and why it's worth it

Most cloud computing services are young but they’re quickly becoming an integral part of many businesses. Companies communicate, collaborate, schedule meetings, and share files using the cloud, sometimes obligately when working with their clients. Microsoft’s Office 365, one of the major market players, has already reached over 120 million users (as reported in this article) and saw 41% revenue growth in the company’s most recent quarterly earnings report.

Synology’s powerful surveillance solution for retail owners

When shopping for security solutions, many retail business owners consider surveillance as their first step. However, they often fall into the trap of thinking about covering surveillance cameras with satisfactory resolutions in all corners of their stores and stop from there.

Synology transforms on-premise storage solutions

In recent years, cloud services have opened up countless new possibilities for businesses’ IT deployment strategy, in particular those of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The unlimited scalability, built-in disaster recovery facilities, and the multitude of cloud applications on offer have all led many business owners dive headfirst into the cloud.

A marriage made in heaven

Synology designs its NAS boxes with these traits in mind, and the newly released DiskStation DS1815+ model marries high- capability hardware with an operating system (DSM) that is widely regarded as one of the most innovative in the NAS business.