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SonicWall Answers the Call with New NGFWs

According to a report we published The Year of Ransomware​, there have been 495 million known ransomware attacks so far this year, a stunning 148% increase YOY. That makes 2021 the worst year for cybersecurity we’ve ever recorded and leads us to predict that the pace of attacks will only rise..

Why cybersecurity must be first

Why cybersecurity first should resonate with everyone is all over the news. Ransomware attacks rose to 304.6 million during the first six months in 2020, up 62% over 2019, according to our own widely quoted Mid-Year Update on the 2021 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report.

Ransomware: How to mitigate Attacks

Organisations should prepare for a possible ransomware incident by creating all the relevant components for an incident response management process. They need to consider specific ransomware responses and recognize that existing IR plans might not be applicable to ransomware incidents due to the combined possibilities of encryption, loss of access to critical system files and services and data breach notification issues.

Delivering Security to Distributed and Remote Operations During a Pandemic

Building security solutions in a way that addresses the way people are using IT, without adding siloes, is important. But it’s just as important for security specialists to refresh and retrain staff on the safe use of technology, educate them on how to access the business network, and develop strong new policies around the technology used to access that network.