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Huawei is a global ICT leader, delivering future-proof solutions and is committed to serving as the most innovative and optimal ICT technology partner for global enterprises

Building A Better Laptop Practice In 2022

Where will the bulk of the opportunity be? With higher-end devices, with consumers and professionals being willing to spend a little more for devices that can do more. Fortuitously, this is the best opportunity for the channel, as the higher-end devices offer more solution sale opportunities, and typically open the door for upselling opportunities around peripherals, software, and support services.

Huawei: Investing In Australia

Huawei’s success is tied to its ability to plant the seeds of the future, a philosophy that underscores its heavy investment in the countries in which it operates. It is also at the heart of the research and development it finances to ensure the company is not only a major innovator but also delivers cutting edge technology solutions.