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Connected without wires

Connected without wires

We live in an age where we can tap into information, services, entertainment and convenience in so many ways with our handheld, portable and wearable devices.

Fast, reliable Internet access has become a necessity wherever we are. To gain greater engagement and satisfaction of their customers, businesses like restaurants, hotels, cafés, airports, sports stadiums and shopping centres have started to offer access to the Internet to their customers via WiFi.

But is it safe?

Usually, No! Your details, files, photos, assets, identity and your personal security could easily be compromised by cyber-criminals.

It only takes a laptop and a Wireless connection to spoof the wireless SSID, play man-in-the-middle, intercept all your communications, steal passwords, take control of your devices and steal your sensitive and personal information.

10 Tips to use Wireless hotspots securely

  1. Don’t allow your device to automatically join the nearest wireless connection. Ensure that choosing a wireless network is done manually.
  2. Ask the service provider about how to connect to the service to ensure you are connecting to the correct one.
  3. Use only Wireless Hotspots that require you to authenticate to a secure portal, either by using a username and password, or through provided tickets for one time use.
  4. Use only sites that have “https://” when using a public wireless hotspot.
  5. Ensure that you have an updated Antivirus package which includes Internet Security.
  6. Ensure that your pubic Wireless hotspot connects to a UTM that provides advanced content security including web Antivirus/filtering and email Antivirus/spam filtering.
  7. If your office has a VPN capable UTM/Firewall, connect through VPN to your secure office network and make sure that split tunnelling is disabled so that all your data will be encrypted between your computer and your office network.
  8. Do not use online banking on when logged using the Internet directly through a public wireless hotspot.
  9. Ensure no one is able to see your username/password when logging in to your device or any private account/website.
  10. Turn off your wireless when you do not need to use a wireless Internet connection or are finished using it.

How we can help you?

Endian solutions offer a unique combination of both security and connectivity. The tight integration into the Endian UTM appliance makes sure that all the security features like antivirus, antispam, intrusion detection and prevention (just to mention a few) protect the business network as well as the wireless hotspot user. It is also a full-featured Wireless hotspot that includes features like accounting, user & ticket management, various ways of authentication (local or external authentication service, social networks), user auto-registration, and an API to integrate everything into your already existing infrastructure.

So whether you are interested in securing your internal network with multiple layers of protection, securing your mobile workforce with trusted VPN technologies, or want to be able to offer your customers/users the ultimate in security and customer experience with a secure wireless hotspot, at Hemisphere Technologies we can help you find the Endian product that fits your environment. To find out more about Endian contact us now and take advantage of our limited time offer to trade in your old UTM for 30 per cent off a new Endian UTM.

Written by Hemisphere Technologies, Distributors of Endian products in your region.

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