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Making Performance Pay

Making Performance Pay

Application Management is a critical tenet for successful digital transformation.

To meet the challenges of digital disruption and drive competitive advantage your clients need fast, agile, and reliable applications. The proactive monitoring and management of application performance can ensure the delivery of efficient, integrated and reliable business applications and services. Alternatively, poor application performance will lead to lost productivity, poor customer service and lost business.

The costs of poor application performance

Consumers are demanding. And their demands are ever changing. Most now expect excellent service no matter where they are located or what type of device they're using. If the performance of your client’s customer facing applications is not up to scratch, consumers will quickly become frustrated and search for alternatives. They will also be quick to vent their frustration to their networks on social media.

Poor application performance will also impact staff and their productivity. If people can’t trust the tools they work with, they can quickly become disengaged and lose motivation in their job.

Delivering reliable ‘around the clock’ service

The faster, more efficiently and more accurately an organisation can address customer requests and enquiries, regardless of time or place, the greater their ability to differentiate themselves from their competitors. For clients who operate in highly commodotised markets and industries, customer experience is, increasingly, the only way they can differentiate themselves.

Digital disruption, and the ease of new competitors to enter a market with a better service delivery model, is driving the commoditisation of products and services across a large range of industries. It’s the technology and the performance of the applications they deploy that enable new entrants to quickly enter and disrupt existing markets.

Application management and monitoring

Application management solutions have been around for many years and while there are several good solutions available most are expensive and do not support multiple vendors or applications across private, public and hybrid environments meaning your clients may need several tools to adequately monitor all their critical applications.

SolarWinds is a standout in the application management space - unlike more traditional solutions it is extremely cost effective and vendor agnostic. It has a single web interface, supports multiple environments and is completely customizable if your clients need to monitor legacy in-house apps. There is a reason more than 85% of the Fortune 500 use a SolarWinds solution.

The right application monitoring solution can free up resources and allow clients to focus on other tasks that enhance revenue. Clients who are struggling with the management of their environment due its complexity or who spend hours troubleshooting are ideal prospects. By introducing them to the SolarWinds solution you can help them save significant amounts of time and money.

Why not download our latest eBook “MAKING PERFORMANCE PAY” to learn more about the challenges your clients could be struggling with and the potential opportunity this represents for you and your business.

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