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How hybrid cloud strategy can help protect your business data

How hybrid cloud strategy can help protect your business data

For many businesses, the idea of putting your business data entirely on a public cloud is an idea that’s immediately appealing in its simplicity.

For many businesses, the idea of putting your business data entirely on a public cloud is an idea that’s immediately appealing in its simplicity. Unfortunately, this approach isn’t without its own risks. No solution is perfect, and even the most popular cloud solutions are vulnerable to malfunctions by service providers, human errors by users and malicious attacks from hackers. A purely public cloud approach involves putting all your eggs in one basket, and that’s always going to have its drawbacks.

Hybrid cloud solutions like Synology Active Backup for G Suite combine the benefits of both public clouds and private cloud to provide greater storage, flexibility, and most importantly, an additional layer of data protection.

Unified on-premises protection for SaaS

Using Synology Active Backup for G Suite, businesses are able adopt a hybrid cloud strategy that allows them to back up their data on a public cloud without any hassles and without any license fees.

Through a process that only takes a handful of clicks, data stored on Team Drive, My Drive, Google Calendar, Contacts and Gmail can all easily be backed up to a Synology NAS.

The centralised dashboard (seen above) extracts all the crucial information administrators need and makes it available at a glance. It also synthesizes the backup services into a single panel, offering a more initiative interface that helps maximise backup efficiency.

In addition, so long as the “Account Discovery” function is enabled, any newly-created accounts will be automatically added into the backup tasks according to predetermined setups.

This simple and centralised management system means that IT admins no longer have to worry about failing to take care of any latest updates, nor do they have to constantly juggle between different windows when monitoring backup tasks.

Comprehensive backups tailored to your needs

As soon as Active Backup for G Suite is activated, businesses can opt for one of three backup policies: continuous, manual or scheduled backup.

  • Continuous backup means that data will be backed up continuously in an infinite cycle.

  • Manual backup means that users data will be backed up immediately once the backup function has been manually enabled by the administrator.

  • Scheduled backup means that users' data will be backed up every day based on a timed schedule that has been set by the administrator.

After all the relevant settings are configured, your connected Synology NAS will start backing up all the data stored on your G-Suite account. Then, in the event of an potential data loss incident, businesses can easily and quickly restore the previous version based on the chosen backup policy.

IT admins are also able to use the “content search” and “data preview” functions to spot specific document in advance when needed.

This feature allows you to focus in and make sure you’re restoring the specific data you actually need.

Synology Active Backup for G Suite also allows IT admins to grant users the ability to run restore tasks by themselves, increasing data resiliency.

The backup solution that saves time, money and storage requirements

Leveraging single instancing and block level deduplication, Active Backup for G Suite works to minimise the required storage space and achieves high backup efficiency for businesses.

Mail, calendar attachments, and G Suite files that contain identical content will only be stored to your Synology NAS once and files stored in Btrfs volumes can be deduplicated from previous versions. This reduces the storage space needed and alleviates the need to allocate additional costs for software resources.

Businesses using hybrid-cloud backup solutions like Active Backup for G Suite (which comes free with compatible Synology NAS products) are able to protect their digital assets with an all-around on-premises backup solution and ensure both greater data resilience and a greater peace of mind.

Learn more about Synology Active Backup for G Suite by visiting the link below:

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