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The keys to innovation in a disrupted business world

Putting confidence, innovation and partnership centre stage

Putting confidence, innovation and partnership centre stage

What prompts a crowd to give someone a standing ovation?

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What prompts a crowd to give someone a standing ovation? Sometimes it’s a sign of appreciation for witnessing mastery - when someone does something so well, we can’t stay seated. At other times, it’s when we see someone with the bravery to deliver something different or new. 

We live in a world where we want to demonstrate our expertise for all to see and appreciate, but what we need to do more often is put our bravery on stage. We need to lead with courage in order to innovate and move at pace to succeed in today’s disrupted business world.

I was recently reminded of this truth by a friend’s son, Finn. 

We were waiting with anticipation for our sons to take to the stage and perform with their band. It was a big night for everyone involved and there were butterflies in everyone’s stomachs, parents and kids alike. 

During one of the songs, we watched with surprise as Finn stepped out from the backing band, stood front and centre with his trombone, and rocked the house. 

It was remarkable because it was the first time Finn stepped up to ‘improv’. During the band’s performance, the teacher asked if anyone would like to give it a go and Finn called out from the back: “I’ll do it!” 

Finn performed in front of more experienced musicians and hundreds of parents. He could have enjoyed himself safely in the back with the other musicians, but it was his bravery and the confidence his teacher had instilled by creating a safe and collaborative environment, which compelled him to step forward.

On reflection, it’s this environment: trust and confidence, we all need to provide the people and organisations we partner with in order to innovate, collaborate, build mutual success, and deliver for customers.

At Vocus, we want our customers to experience something truly unique and compelling. Like the audience watching Finn rock his solo on the trombone, we want customers to see and feel the brilliance and the simplicity of what we do and how we do it – and this requires the help of great partners around Australia. 

Cirrus Networks is a Vocus partner, which is benefiting from how we nurture relationships built on trust. 

“If you’re downstream and your partner is trying to protect you from the client and there's no trust there, then messages get mixed,” Cirrus COO, Chris McLaughlin, said. 

“The larger telcos want to own the customer, and own the business. They treat you almost like a franchise, which is prohibitive in terms of growth and independence.”

At Vocus, strong relationships with partners built on confidence and trust is a key pillar in our plan to grow our six per cent market share in the Enterprise and Government sectors. 

Our reinvigorated partner program gives customers the opportunity to go to market with us and provide Australian businesses with end-to-end ICT solutions, which include the best of the Vocus network and the best of partners’ services.

As challenger in the market who is truly crazy about customers, we are pushing the limits of what’s possible. A great example of this in action is the network transformation program currently underway to simplify, modernise, consolidate our network, and fundamentally change the experience delivered to customers.

Vocus recently announced the appointment of Arista Networks, Ciena’s Blue Planet and DGIT Systems, as key technology partners who share our drive for innovation and will help us deliver market-leading experiences for customers.

It’s all part of our goal to deliver brilliant simplicity to customers, making it simple and easy to connect, while letting them take more control of their services. And together with the expertise, services, and passion of our partners, it’s an exciting combination.

To learn more about opportunities to partner with Vocus, reach out to Monique Esplin on


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