We are dynabook. We are a dynamic, entrepreneurial new business, built on the foundations of our wonderful Toshiba heritage.

$50 rewards, and other great reasons to read up on Dynabook

$50 rewards, and other great reasons to read up on Dynabook

The storied Toshiba laptop brand relaunched globally as Dynabook last year. Kickstarting 2020, the channel-centric vendor has been offering partners a $50 incentive per notebook sold.

While the brand is new to Australians, Toshiba notebooks have been sold as Dynabooks in Japan since 1989. After moving to majority ownership, new owner Sharp has dropped the Toshiba name and focused on building Dynabook as its laptop brand in all markets globally.

With Sharp’s investment and marketing muscle, Dynabook will continue Toshiba’s commitment to leadership in laptops. In ANZ, Dynabook retains its long-standing commitment to the channel.

Channel partners across Australia and New Zealand can register for the promotion and review the terms and conditions at the Dynabook rewards website.

The big question for the channel: why sell Dynabook? 

Dynabook is 100% channel focused. This means channel partners can cultivate their customer relationships confident they won’t be competing with the manufacturer or retail/online discounters.

Director of Sales and Marketing, Angela Walker sees these as key advantages for resellers, “We don't go out seeking direct business. If anything, we go out of our way to direct business to the channel.”  

"In addition, our technically-skilled and experienced territory managers can help resellers by working with them to close deals by solving client problems, whether the issues are technical, financial, or service-based."

Dynabook builds to order - for customers large and small.

The Dynabook range covers every end-user, from thin and light convertibles to high performance desktop replacements.

Dynabook’s built to order service provides partners with another advantage. Each model can be customised to a customer’s specification and delivered in three weeks - all with no fixed minimum order quantity, a unique offering in this market. 

Behind the transition from Toshiba to Dynabook.

Dynabook is the new name for Toshiba in Australia, but the change of name doesn’t tell the full story.

The company has had a major capital injection from Sharp, leading to the construction of a new factory, while Sharp’s display expertise means Dynabook devices will start featuring class-leading panels.

Sharp itself is owned by the electronics manufacturing powerhouse Foxconn (famed for its role in Apple’s success), which means Dynabook now has access to Foxconn’s manufacturing expertise and procurement strength. As a result, Dynabook will be highly competitive, giving channel partners another reason to get onboard. 

How Dynabook developed the world’s lightest 13.3” laptop.

Since creating the world’s first laptop in 1985 (a feat recognised by the IEEE as a landmark in electrical engineering), Toshiba has been a trailblazer in thin and light notebooks, with over 30 world-firsts world firsts to its name.

Products developed since the move to Sharp don’t disappoint in this respect, as shown by the launch at CES in January of the Portégé X30L, a device that takes the title of world’s lightest 13.3” notebook. 

Dynabook describes this as a new category of ‘hyper-light’ notebook. At only 870g, it’s heading into pro-tablet weight territory. This is due to world-class engineering and innovation across the full component set, from magnesium alloy chassis to motherboard. 

Despite its light weight, the X30L packs specs targeted at no-compromise corporate users: Intel 10th generation six-core CPUs, a brilliant Sharp LED display as an option, RAM options to 24GB, the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), and full-size Ethernet, HDMI and USB-C ports (no dongles required!).

Building the world’s lightest notebook doesn’t happen by accident, as Walker explains, “It’s the result of Dynabook retaining the culture and team that delivered 35 years of innovation for Toshiba. They have the deep expertise in miniaturisation, component integration and thermal management to continue to deliver ever lighter, thinner and more capable devices.” 

In an era when everyone outsources, Dynabook keeps it all in-house - a unique advantage.

Dynabook is the only notebook manufacturer that designs, develops, tests and manufactures its products entirely in-house, which means quality is controlled by the company internally, not determined by the practices of third-party suppliers. 

Dynabook’s decision to keep it all inhouse leads to exceptional levels of reliability. In fact, pride in their product and a desire not to let the end-user down is core to the company’s culture. This has benefits for channel partners as well. 

Walker again, “High failure rates represent friction, downtime and inconvenience for end-users, and flows through into reduced productivity and increased support costs. To avoid this, our process is focused on delivering durable, reliable products that won’t let people down.”

The high reliability of Dynabook’s devices gives resellers a story with real benefits to pitch to their customers.

Local service centres reduce frustrations for fleet managers.

Dynabook continues to operate nationwide networks of owned and authorised service centres in Australia and New Zealand.

Manned by locally trained engineers and technicians, and with an extensive spare parts stockpile also held in-country, this enables rapid diagnosis and repair on warranty claims and service level agreements.

Dynabook’s process builds in extra layers of security.

Another aspect of Dynabook’s commitment to keeping it all in-house is the development of its own BIOS (the basic input/output system that checks and initialises the device’s components during bootup, and provides runtime services during operation). As a result, Dynabook devices have additional levels of security embedded at the hardware level.

The unique BIOS also makes Dynabook notebooks a smaller target for bad actors than devices from vendors using off-the-shelf BIOS stacks.

A brand that partners can sell with confidence. 

Data security, workforce productivity, cutting hidden costs: these are things every CEO, CFO, CIO and CTO wants to hear about. Pitching Dynabook’s unique approach to manufacturing, its history and expertise in laptops, and its higher levels of security and reliability can help channel partners open doors, close deals, and ultimately help strengthen their relationships with clients.

For resellers looking for growth opportunities and new angles, Dynabook is clearly a vendor worth embracing.

Learn more about Dynabook. 

You can see the full dynabook range and learn more at: http://anz.dynabook.com/openbook/index.html

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