Recognising the industry wide problem for Distributors, Vendors and Resellers not being paid on time plus the challenges and costs associated with extending payment terms to their customers, BidfFin programmatically provides our partners the ability to offer extended payment terms to their customers within the sales cycle, providing valuable payment flexibility whilst ensuring they are paid 100% upfront and on time.

Driving Sales and Cash Flow for the IT Supply Chain

Driving Sales and Cash Flow for the IT Supply Chain

BidFin enables both long-term payment solutions for a partner and their customers and short-term supplier payment solutions for partners

When it comes to growing a business there is something more important than just the profits and the bottom line. One of the most critical factors for sustained business growth is optimising cash flow. The simple truth is it doesn’t matter how much revenue your company is generating every month, it is more important to have that cash in your hands when you need it.

Unfortunately, for companies involved in the IT supply chain, not being paid on time is a common problem. This can lead to a lack of financial flexibility that can ultimately drive a company out of business – even a company that is otherwise successful. To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, you absolutely need to have optimised cash flow. This is especially true in the current landscape where most businesses are navigating through the complexities of COVID-19.

The BidFin team have over 80 years’ experience in enabling sales through payment solutions and are focused on helping the IT supply chain drive sales and improve cash flow. BidFin accomplish these goals by delivering working capital and payment solutions to assist IT vendors, partners, and their customers.  Now more than ever, their payments solutions are enabling organisations to best access the capital they need to trade their way through these unforeseen circumstances. 

BidFin enables both Long-Term Payment Solutions for a Partner and their Customers and Short-Term Supplier Payment Solutions for Partners , both of which allow for continuing investment in IT transformation without the up-front hit to working capital for cash flow.  

Long-term payment solution offerings designed for:  IT vendors, partners and their customers   

 In situations where there is an uncertainty around future cash-flow, companies are looking to spread and defer costs where possible and are turning to their IT suppliers for support. There remains a heavy reliance on mission critical IT software and services, so the challenge for suppliers is providing the best solution to end users at the lowest possible cost of entry. Those IT suppliers who can offer long-term payment solutions can still maintain sales velocity and avoid end users placing projects on hold or having BoM’s shrinking.

This is why some of the world’s largest and most reputable vendors, distributors and MSP’s are turning to BidFin to assist in driving their sales cycle, through the provisioning of payment solutions. BidFin’s flexible long-term payment solutions erode any large up-front cash outlay, allowing end users to pay in line with deployment and consumption whilst ensuring IT Suppliers are paid in full up-front. In addition, BidFin has enabled many transactions for end users where in year budget wasn’t available at all, utilising payment deferrals as a means for Customers to access the technology they need today however only needing to remit in a following quarter/half and/or fiscal period.

By removing the up-front cost objection, it can in turn help a partner accelerate the sales cycle, increase the over deal size through the addition of software, hardware or services, and reduce any payment or credit risk exposure, as when their customers enters into a plan any partner invoice is paid up-front and in full.

Terms range from 12 to 60 months for and cover investment in hardware, 100% software only purchases and partner services.

These long-term payment plans offer a range of benefits by allowing customers to: 

  1. Pay in-line with Deployment & Consumption
  2. Maximise their Return on Investment
  3. Defer and Spread any up-front IT cost
  4. Optimise cashflow by removing large up-front costs

In this environment BidFin can also provide sale and leaseback plans for historical up-front costs, whereby a customer has purchased hardware in last six months. This frees up valuable capital to reinvest back into their business.

Short term working capital solution designed for: IT partners

In situations where an IT supplier is caught between having to pay their distributors and keep within credit limits, against a slowing cash inflow from end users paying bills later, a working capital facility could be the answer. 

Under the BidFin Extended Payment Terms facility, a limit is put in place that allows partners to extend payment terms with their suppliers by up to an additional 90 days. This ensures their suppliers are paid 100% of the invoice value on the due date, freeing up credit limits to advance further sales opportunities

Extended Payment Terms offer a range of benefits.

  1. Close cash flow gap between purchases & sales
  2. Potential to increase a Partners purchasing power with a Supplier
  3. No application or draw down fees
  4. If the facility is not in use no costs are incurred
  5. Fixed costs can be more cost effective than short-term loan


Over the past 6 months alone, BidFin has presented to over 1,000 IT sellers from leading IT Vendors, Distributors and MSP’s; demonstrating how to drive sales volume utilising payment solutions.

Ask yourself?

  1. How do you and sales teams enable your customers to make the IT investments they need?
  2. Are you having a ‘Best Way to Pay’ discussion in your sales cycle?   

With a strict focus on sales enablement not ‘financing’, BidFin provides you the assets and resources to embed payments into your sales DNA.

If you would like to hear more do not hesitate to get in touch at to organise a session or visit our website for more information. 

All BidFin Products Subject to Credit Approval and Terms and Conditions

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