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Bringing together strategic partners for better customer outcomes

Bringing together strategic partners for better customer outcomes

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At Vocus, we value our strategic partnerships highly and know how important they are to achieving exceptional client outcomes. We want all of our partners to feel like they’re working in a true collaboration, so we work hard to make sure we never lose that genuine community feeling with our team and our community of partners. 

 Partners are encouraged to interact and work closely with different members of our team across all levels of the business, rather than having just one point of contact. We want partners to feel like an extension of the Vocus business and any opportunity that we win and work on together is a team effort from the beginning. Project meetings, sharing information, we do it all without holding back, because we’re always focused on a single end goal—the customer experience.

One of our strategic partners is Seccom, with whom we’ve recently delivered a multiple-site, large SD-WAN project to a large healthcare organisation. Vocus and Seccom worked as a single team to drive a successful outcome, and the positive result has created the potential to win a lot more business down the road.

Our partners bring with them diverse skillsets that Vocus can leverage to deliver specific outcomes for our customers. Seccom is a security-focused networking organization, that are cybersecurity experts and were crucial to the success of this project. On the flip side, Vocus has the infrastructure and commercial reach, allowing us to support and help grow the business of our partners. The breadth of our business and customer relationships helps provide partners with access to larger contracts. Importantly, we work in collaboration, bringing diverse strengths to the table to form true partnerships.

Typically, working out how engagements with strategic partnerships should work can be one of the most challenging parts of working together. At Vocus, we like to do things differently. When Seccom joined our partner community, they told us it felt like they’d already been working with us for years, which is a credit to how they have approached the relationship. We built a collaborative team feel and found success quickly. We have several opportunities in the pipeline with Seccom, and so communication between our sales team and their team are ramping up.

We’ve also introduced Seccom to other strategic partners within the channel, where they’ve been able to develop new relationships. As well as achieving their successes directly through their Vocus partnership, Seccom has been able to see where other customers and partners have succeeded and, in turn, been able to use that knowledge to deliver greater outcomes to all their customers.

The key to successful relationships with partners comes down to one thing: having the customer’s best interests as the most critical part of any decisions. With our partners, we achieve mutual success by working together to deliver successful outcomes for customers.  When you have the same core values and outlook as other organisations, it helps foster the partnership from day one. We work hard to ensure partners know they can rely on us to deliver and that things will work as they are meant to work. 

If you operate with integrity in both partner and customer relationships, then success will happen organically. It’s something we focus on across the board. No matter who our partners talk to within the organisation, they can expect the same willingness to share ideas and information, and to cooperate for the best customer outcomes.

We see all our partners and Vocus as a vibrant community. That instils a level of trust that helps make any project a success, no matter the size. When you become a strategic partner with Vocus, you gain access to everyone you need to get the job done. We’re passionate about delivering what the customer needs and will give partners whatever they need to do the same.

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