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Every significant cybersecurity attack or breach starts with attackers finding a vulnerability or exploiting a weakness at an endpoint. Whether that’s a user accidentally opening a malicious file, a server breached by an application vulnerability, a ransomware attack or some other breach, it’s critical that endpoint devices are protected.

That’s a realisation that came to ESET in 1987, during the dawn of the PC age, when the company’s founders discovered and defeated the world’s first computer virus. ESET hasn’t just survived for over 30 years – the company has thrived as the world’s largest privately-owned EUROPEAN BASED security company with over 110,000,000 direct users. ESET has been recognised with over 100 Virus Bulletin Awards as well as being acknowledged as an industry leader by independent experts such as Gartner.

Almost every computer user on the planet benefits from ESET ’s expertise with hundreds of websites and services relying on ESET to protect users. When someone uses a cloud service, chances are it’s ESET that is protecting them from malware and other online threats. The same goes for popular sites such as Spotify, the Australian Electoral Commission, Tesla and many popular social media and online search services. Google Chrome security is powered by ESET – used by over 500,000,000 users

That protection extends from the endpoint protection ESET is famous for to data loss prevention, threat intelligence, two-factor authentication and covers both physical and virtual assets whether you’re dealing with on-premises system, delivering services as a managed security service provider or supporting virtualised and cloud systems.

Despite all the accolades, awards and industry acknowledgement ESET remains the security industry’s best kept secret.

The world that thrust ESET into the cybersecurity spotlight in 1992, when the company started, is very different to what we face today. Cryptocurrency malware that steals computing capacity from businesses, banking trojans and other sophisticated attacks are appearing alongside persistent challenges such as ransomware, nation-state attacks and the rise of hacking gangs.

Today’s threat landscape and a look into the new normal

Each quarter, ESET publishes its Threat Report where the ESET Research group provides an overview of global cyber threats. The team’s most recent findings include discovering that bugs, similar to kR00k, affect more chip brands than previously thought. ESET ‘s discovery of the kR00k vulnerability points to over a billion devices, including those made by by Apple, Samsung, Amazon and others being vulnerable to attack.

Similar bugs affect more chip brands than previously thought with manufacturers deploying patches. The flaws were reported (CVE-2019-15126) and ESET is maintaining a list of related vendor advisories.

Read the full Eset Threat Report

COVID and the new world order

The COVID-19 pandemic has created huge disruption right across society. Cybersecurity teams were expecting a wave of attacks and issues as workforces quickly transitioned to remote working, abandoned legacy systems in favour of new cloud-based apps and services and fast-tracked digital transformation efforts. This was anticipated to give cybercriminals an advantage as we all struggled to make the fast transition without compromising security.

But as the quest for a vaccine and control over the virus’ spread continues, COVID-19 appears to be losing steam in the cybercrime arena. With coronavirus-related lures played out, crooks seem to have gone “back to basics” in Q3 2020 and made remote work a prime target.

Attacks targeting Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) have been rising all year with 37% growth in terms of unique clients targeted during Q3 2020. This is likely the result of a growing number of poorly secured systems connected to the internet during the pandemic, and criminals taking inspiration from ransomware gangs in targeting RDP.

This quarter, the ransomware industry recorded a tragic first – a ransomware attack on a hospital resulted in a patient’s death. This is now being investigated as a homicide.

Cryptominers are seeing a resurgence. After seven consecutive months of delcline, Emotet returned to the scene. Android banking malware is surging and there with new waves of emails impersonating major delivery and logistics companies, and government agencies and institutions. These rising attacks and the shift of the remote working and a greater distribution of workers using more disparate systems under less control from central IT teams has created a new set of challenges for businesses, governments and home users.

COVID has changed the nature of work, changing the end-point protection equation. There are more operating system options than ever with previously “safe’ platforms like macOS and Linux now being targeted by threat actors.

These changes are creating new opportunities for resellers across the entire channel.

ESET user benefits

ESET is here to protect your computers and devices. Whether that’s your precious family pictures, banking transactions or critical corporate data, ESET protects users across 200 countries and territories worldwide. ESET provides businesses with multi-layered, cloud-augmented technologies – the most advanced malware protection in the market developed in 13 R&D centres worldwide.

One of the big challenges for security practitioners has been the fracturing of having all users working from a single platform. With ESET’s multi-platform support covering Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Lotus Domino and Linux with support from quality local technical support and security architects to assist with scoping and integration this is hurdle that is easy to overcome.

One of the criticisms levelled at many endpoint security solutions is that they impact system performance and are hard to deploy. ESET has been validated by independent third-party vendors who highlight its low impact on performance and networks as well as effortless implementation with a single pane of glass and one-click management for all products.

For retail customers, ESET offers significant benefits. Home users benefit from robust and easy-to-use parental settings to protect their families through the myESET portal. This allows parents to monitor their kids’ activity, set up rules for time spent on the internet, playing games and accessing specific types of content. This cloud-based control panel for all devices allows parents to decide which apps kids can use and where kids’ devices are at any time. ESET also has a dedicated website and resources to ensure kids are safer when online.

Partners selling into retail chains can leverage ESET ’s power in detecting and stopping ransomware attacks, identity theft through phishing and fraudulent websites and spyware. With good margins, ESET can partner with retailers, as an easy add on to any technology sale.

Discover how to protect your kids while they are online

ESET Cloud Office Security protects businesses

As part of ESET’s ongoing commitment to protecting businesses, the company has launched a new Microsoft 365 security service – ESET Cloud Office Security. This is a set of powerful tools that business owners need to protect their Microsoft 365 services.

ESET is used by over 400,000 businesses across the world. It’s a trusted solution with robust endpoint protection as well as data loss prevention, two-factor authentication, SharePoint security and threat intelligence that ensures businesses are ready for what’s coming next.

ESET Cloud Office Security reflects the contemporary role of email and collaboration tools within organisations and extends protection against threats to your cloud applications. ESET Cloud Office Security is a business continuity guardian for modern organisations, offering spam filtering, anti-malware scanning and anti-phishing protection to keep company communications secure, minimise unsolicited messages, and prevent incoming external email from being used as a channel for targeted attacks.

Of course, ESET recognises that users are a critical part of any cyber defence. That’s why they created ESET Cyber Security Awareness training. This is free training for employers, employees, and institutions and business to improve their cybersecurity awareness.

Click here for free cybersecurity training

Where are the opportunities?

Channel partners and resellers can take advantage of a large number of opportunities presented by ESET. Whether the focus is on the consumer market, business customers or managed service providers (MSPs), the ESET Partner Program supports its partners and resellers in a variety of ways including great products, flexible license management, generous rebate programs, double-digit margins, partner training and strong support.

ESET knows that the channel is key to a successful business. The ESET Australia team is dedicated to supporting partners at all levels and helping partners business grow.

The ESET Partner Program empowers partners with education, tools and resources they can use to leverage for sales of ESET solutions. Working with ESET is easy. New partners can hit the ground running and start selling straight away. There’s free support to help with the journey and simple incentive programs. The path to partner profitability includes stackable licensing margins to boost your bottom line, and tiered discounts to give you more earning power as you grow with access to promotions, contests and incentives.

Licensing models are flexible to suit your business needs with bespoke marketing support to bring strong ROI, and a robust product offering to support your target market. This includes the market-leading Switch to ESET! license switch program. This enables customers using a competitor’s product and easy switch with license buy back and migration discounts for partners to assist in helping their customers switch to ESET.

The ESET Academy enables partners to become certified on ESET products and solutions and increase your deal discounts. That’s supported by the ESET Knowledgebase – an online learning resource that can be scaled to partners and their customers. There’s also a monthly webinar series with local and overseas experts which can be shared with end users by partners.

All these tools, as well as reseller registration, license management and a suite of other services are conveniently brought together into the ESET Reseller Partner Hub.

ESET is here for MSPs

ESET has an ever-growing network of MSP partners, with over 6000 MSPs around the world trusting ESET to protect their businesses and the data of their tens of thousands of customers. ESET ’s track record as a trusted industry leader is backed by convenience for resellers and partners who can take advantage of monthly billing, reduced administrative overhead, strong remote management capabilities, efficient processing and clear performance tracking and ESET’s support and easy customer migration.

MSPs can take advantage a single license bundled solution that covers the security of all major platforms. This is easily scalable, allowing you to add or remove seats every day at no extra cost. There’s also automation with ESET’s Remote Monitoring and Management which works cohesively with a number of popular applications, such as datto, ninja, Solarwinds, Kaseya and Connectwise automate, Autotask and Tigerpaw, through certified plug-ins.

ESET ’s MSP Administrator tool give MSPs the freedom of complete self-service with tasks such as adding or removing seats instantly, without the need to contact ESET. Time and time again, customers share their satisfaction with the ESET product solutions. They experience how effective the security is and then forget about it enabling them to focus on what they do best with safer technology.

ESET leads the world when it comes to securing computer users. They protected users when the first computer virus was released and they are countering the latest threats businesses, large and small, and individuals face today. ESET ’s threat intelligence services means they can see the threats that are coming tomorrow and protect everyone from a single user at home to an MSP providing technology services to thousands of people through to huge, multi-national enterprises. Millions of users, whether they are using the Chrome browser or have installed an ESET solution have the benefit of that experience and support.

All ESET products are engineered for speed and. Throughout the company’s expansion, it has stayed true to the principles underpinning the company’s philosophy – courage, integrity, reliability and passion. ESET is an enabler that allows the user to enjoy whatever they want to do, whether it is to work, browse the internet, socialise, or play. ESET products are designed to allow users to “set and forget” so they can enjoy safer technology without worrying about security.

Resellers and distributors benefit from a generous partner program with industry-leading margins and a Partner and Reseller hub that is the envy of the industry. Whether they are bringing ESET to a retail channel or helping an MSP or enterprise protect thousands of customers, ESET ’s partners can be assured that they will receive the best possible support with customer leads, strong financial returns and excellent resources to ensure they are perfectly equipped to deliver great value to their customers.

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