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Westcon-Comstor have been the leading AWS distributor in Asia Pacific for the last five years, operating a highly success cloud distribution business. Westcon-Comstor is the leading global distributor of business technology. Our solutions from the world’s leading vendors make businesses more secure, productive, mobile and connected. We translate these technologies into real value for our partners through unrivalled channel support and our expertise in digital distribution, services and global deployment.

Leverage the Westcon-Comstor Services Bench partner ecosystem

Leverage the Westcon-Comstor Services Bench partner ecosystem

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For any enterprise, migrating some or all of its IT Infrastructure to AWS can be very rewarding, bringing levels of functionality, flexibility, cost reduction and innovation well beyond what they can achieve with on-premises IT.

However, migrating IT resources to AWS and managing them on AWS requires many new AWS-specific skills. So many organisations turn to specialist AWS partners for help.

AWS offers “over 175 fully featured services” and APN Navigate, the AWS partner enablement program, lists 20 different specialisation tracks.

 It’s a growing market, with plenty of opportunity, but also with challenges. Organisations looking to make use of public cloud with AWS undertake considerable research before having a conversation with a partner to help them on their journey.

 They develop strong views on what they want from AWS, which offers a huge range of services: a potential partner may not have the full range of AWS competencies sought or have the capacity to take on more projects.

An AWS partner may be unable to provide service and support in all the locations required by a potential client.

This is where Weston-Comstor comes in. As an AWS distributor we provide a host of services to help individual AWS partners support their clients. In particular we offer the Westcon-Comstor Services Bench. It’s a partner eco-system platform that helps AWS partners find and collaborate with others, enabling them to provide clients with all the services they need from AWS, wherever they need them.

 Weston-Comstor – a leading AWS distributor

Weston-Comstor has been the leading AWS distributor in Asia Pacific for the last five years.

  • We take away the complexity associated with billing our partners’ clients for their ongoing use of AWS services.  
  • We provide industry-leading tools and platforms to help our partners make the most efficient use of AWS for their clients.
  • We work with our partners to help them develop and differentiate their AWS business, and create new revenue streams.

These programs have been developed from more than five years of experience as an AWS distributor, working successfully with our partners to help them build, market, differentiate and grow their businesses.

Services Bench: our partner matching service

Westcon-Comstor Services Bench is our private cloud-based platform. As a Weston-Comstor AWS partner you can post details of any AWS partner specialisation you require for a customer opportunity through the platform. Based on the criteria you specify it will match instantly with partners that have the capability to delivery on those requirements. 

Services Bench means no more searching social media or scrolling through lists of contacts or calling companies trying to find much needed skills.

We have more than 300 contractors and 40 organisations that possess AWS capability and certifications on Services Bench across Australia and New Zealand. This means you never have to turn down another AWS opportunity due to a lack of capacity or in-house capability for that project.

The Weston-Comstor Services Bench means you never have to pass up on an AWS opportunity. You can quickly scale your business with additional resources when required, and take on new projects to support your customers when they may not have the capacity or the capability in-house for a project.

You simply enter details of the AWS skills you need. The platform matches potential partners or resources instantly based on the criteria and requirements entered and contacts those that match.

You will receive offers from suitable suppliers within hours. Westcon-Comstor can facilitate the engagement, or you can contract with your potential partner directly. And you can manage the entire engagement with your chosen partners via the platform: it provides full visibility of communication, offers and reporting.

 Find contract staff, with Staff Augmentation Bench

We also offer our Staff Augmentation Bench. If you need an AWS skill to fulfil a tactical short to mid-term engagement, either in-house or contracted to your end customer, we can identify a suitable contractor and facilitate the transaction based on yours or your end customer’s criteria. 

Service Bench enables you to manage partners, contracts and projects effectively from start to finish, tracking bookings, revenue and expenditure.

Westcon-Comstor will assign dedicated resources that specialise in staff recruitment for ICT to support you and help you find the right resources for those contracted positions.

Our Staff Augmentation team will work closely with you to capture client requirements, pain points and the challenges faced by your project. Team members will look beyond the technical requirement of your project, taking note of the cultural fit and soft skills needed for your project to succeed.

The Westcon-Comstor Services Bench is a two way street: if you have staff with AWS skills that are not currently engaged, you can find work opportunities through Service Bench where those skills can be put to good use.

Our specialised services and capabilities include:

  • principal consultants
  • systems engineers in cloud / infrastructure and end user computing
  • networking
  • cyber security
  • project solutions
  • deployment engineers

In summary

Being an AWS partner can be highly rewarding. Demand for AWS is growing rapidly. In the third quarter of 2020, global revenues were up 29 percent on the preceding quarter

So there’s plenty of opportunities, but also challenges. AWS is constantly adding new capabilities. Its What’s New with AWS List for 2020 has more than 1,000 entries.

With the breadth and depth of technology provided by AWS a partner could be forgiven for not having the in-house resources and technical knowledge to support everything on offer. 

But not having a key competency required by a client could mean losing the business. Partnering is an ideal solution as spoken about by CIO’s during the recent ARN EDGE 2020. You get access to the right specialist AWS skills when you need them, and only when you need them. You don’t have to carry the overhead of maintaining currency in an AWS skill you rarely need. 

But first you have to find the right partner and then manage the relationship. Weston-Comstor Services Bench can help you do both by leveraging the partner ecosystem we provide. 

Check us out today, and take your AWS business to the next level.

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