In Pictures: What Google’s tablet might look like, seven Nexus 7 concepts

Google’s rumoured upcoming release of a low-cost Nexus tablet has sparked rampant speculation.

  • Nexus tablet ready for launch as tech world counts down The rumors have reached a deafening pitch – Google is planning to release its own Nexus-branded tablet at this week’s Google I/O developer conference. Such a device, however, has been expected for some time, and there’s been no shortage of guesses from the media at what it might look like.

  • Hot off the press The latest look comes from Gizmodo Australia, which reported this weekend that it had obtained a training document providing a number of details about the Nexus 7 – along with, apparently, a picture of the upcoming 7-inch tablet.

  • Froyo-zen in time This mock-up illustrates just how long rumors of a Google-branded tablet have been swirling – the current scuttlebutt says that the Nexus 7 will have a brand-new version of Android, called Jelly Bean.

  • Close, but no cigar Designer Bob Freking guessed in January that Google would go with a 10.1-inch format, but the latest reports suggest otherwise.

  • Tab like an Egyptian It’s tough to make out the hieroglyphics at the bottom of TIME Magazine’s speculative illustration of the Nexus 7, but the Nexus logo, at least, seems like a reasonable guess.

  • Chrome OS? This older concept, from one of Google’s own designers, shows what a tablet using the company’s Chrome OS might have looked like.

  • Looking up Electric Pig’s take highlights the nondescript ceiling photos that, in their metadata, provided important potential clues about the Nexus tablet.

  • Nex marks the spot This effort from the Android guys could be a pretty good approximation, despite the presence of Ice Cream Sandwich.

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