IN PICTURES - Editor's view: Manly Sea Eagles vs Kaspersky touch football day

The second annual Kaspersky vs Manly Sea Eagles touch football game ended in a 4-4 draw - the 2013 event also coincidentally ended in a draw. Kasperksy Lab and its partners showed outstanding form on the field pushing the Sea Eagles to the, err, limit. Led by Kaspersky Lab MD, Andrew Mamonitis, the all-star line-up included 'superstars' of the game WhiteGold Solution's Dominic and Sharon Whiteland and Jonathan Odria, and Kaspersky's own Basem Abdo whose handstand - on the pitch during the game - was without doubt the move of the day. As these photos show, Manly's full roster of superstars was on display and coach, Geoff Toovey, and recently-returned-from-overseas Manly legend, Steve' Beaver' Menzies were also on hand. The security software vendor is the major sponsor of the Manly Sea Eagles. Photos by MIKE GEE

  • The Kaspersky Lab team limber up pre-match

  • The Kaspersky Lab team limber up pre-match

  • The Kaspersky Lab team limber up pre-match

  • Kasperky Lab's Andrew Mamonitis and WhiteGold Solutions' Jonathan Odria

  • Manly Sea Eagles stars including David Williams, Anthony Watmough, Kieran Foran and Brett Stewart watch the match

  • Kieran Foran

  • ARN's Nermin Bajric in full flight

  • Anthony Watmough looks on

  • Kasperky Lab's Basem Abdo performs his handstand - during the game

  • Kasperky Lab's boss Andrew Mamonitis dolls out the punishment to Basem Abdo

  • Brett Stewart

  • Brett Stewart, Glenn Stewart, Anthony Watmough

  • Manly players look on

  • Centre is Manly star David "Wolfman' Williams

  • Kieran Foran

  • Manly coach Geoff Toovey

  • The legendary Steve 'Beaver' Menzies

  • WhiteGold Solutions' Dominic Whitehand

  • Manly's Matt Ballin

  • Manly's Jorge Taufua

  • Glenn Stewart

  • Brett Stewart

  • Sea Eagles 'captain' for the day, Matt Ballin

  • The two captains, Matt Ballin and Andrew Mamonitis

  • WhiteGold's Dominic Whitehand and Jonathan Odria

  • The WhiteGold crew Sharon and Dominic Whitehand and Jonathan Odria with Manly's Brett Stewart

  • Manly captain Jamie Lyons

  • Manly players watch the post-game presentations

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