The best smartphones of 2014 (Part I)

Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Motorola and more

  • Smartphone flagships for 2014 have been announced by Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony and more. Many of them have found themselves on shop shelves already, but which is the smartphone you want to spend the next 24 months with? This slideshow brings the next generation smartphones together in one easy to use and resource rich gallery. Feel free to leave questions and comments below.

  • [[artnid:542920|Samsung Galaxy S5]]

    “Chrome, plastic and faux leather: these are the materials that make up Samsung’s premium smartphone. The Galaxy does feel special for a short while, but chrome has a habit of aging poorly, and over time you realise the premium texture of the Galaxy S5 is as fake as the faux leather back." [[artnid:542920|Read the full Galaxy S5 review here]] [[artnid:542681|Who makes the better smartphone, Samsung or HTC?]] [[artnid:539219|Showdown: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony Xperia Z2]]
  • [[artnid:541799|HTC One (M8)]]

    “Let’s not be coy about this: no Samsung, LG or Sony can hold a light up to the design of the HTC One (M8). Hold it in your hand and you don’t see the science, maths and coding. Skilled craftsmanship and the texture of brushed metal deliver an experience that is more emotional.” [[artnid:541799|Learn about the HTC’s DuoCamera, amplified stereo speakers and more here]] [[artnid:542681|Who makes the better smartphone, Samsung or HTC?]]
  • [[artnid:542005|Nokia Lumia 930]]

    “Time has allowed Microsoft to improve the hardware its Windows Phone OS supports, and now Nokia has produced a smartphone that can genuinely compete against the best smartphones from rivals Samsung, HTC and Apple. “Overnight Nokia announced the Lumia 930 at the Microsoft Build conference in San Francisco, a Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone bristling with both features and the adored design language technophiles identify as uniquely Nokia.” [[artnid:542005|Meet the first quad-core Nokia here]]
  • [[artnid:539072|Sony Xperia Z2]]

    "Sony’s Xperia Z2 reads like a smartphone without compromise. It features a high-resolution screen, powerful imaging technologies and cutting edge hardware, and yet it manages to deliver all of this in a smartphone that can be used underwater. Is the Xperia Z2 the smartphone that will shove Sony out from Samsung’s shadow and into the limelight?" [[artnid:539072|Learn about the Z2’s market leading hardware and 20.7MP camera here]] [[artnid:539219|Showdown: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony Xperia Z2]]
  • [[artnid:540717|Motorola Moto X]]

    “The Motorola Moto X was one of the last smartphones to be made under Google's guise, and it brought with it a range of industry-shaking innovations. These include its ability to leverage Google's Search and Now platforms, and the options – if you were in America – to order the smartphone with custom casing.” [[artnid:540717|Read about the Moto X’s true hands-free experience]] [[artnid:522660|Motorola Moto X Android phone (preview)]]
  • [[artnid:540852|Sony Xperia Z1 Compact]]

    “Rival companies will have you believe the Z1 Compact’s 1cm thickness is an outrage. “It’s thicker than the 8mm Samsung Galaxy or LG G Pro 2”, they’ll say. In reality, Sony has found a sweet spot between screen size and comfort, and best of all the Z1 Compact doesn’t have to compromise on features in order to do so. This smartphone is all things.” [[artnid:540852|Learn more about the Compact’s IP58 rating, 20.7MP camera and Triluminous display in our review]] [[artnid:541066|Showdown: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact vs Apple iPhone 5S]]
  • [[artnid:538063|LG G Flex]]

    “Commanding attention when you first see the G Flex is the ever-so-gradual curve of its body. It is the first smartphone in Australia to feature this design trait, and after using the smartphone for over a week we’re convinced the G Flex is a better phone for it. Its curvature enhances the viewing experience, makes its large body more comfortable to pocket, and allows it to rest more naturally in the hand.” [[artnid:538063|This phone has a self healing back, and other industry first technologies. Click here to read more about the LG G Flex]]
  • [[artnid:536666|Nokia Lumia 1320]]

    “The Lumia 1320 is the second phablet from Nokia to reach Australian shores following the premium Nokia Lumia 1520. But whereas the Lumia 1520 prides itself on bringing flagship specifications to the large screen market, the Lumia 1320 aims to take the ‘phablet’ phenomenon mainstream with its seductive $449 price.” [[artnid:536666|Windows Phone and a low price makes the 1320 an attractive buy for employees. Read more here]] [[artnid:537545|Telstra, Vodafone pick up budget Nokia Lumia 1320]]
  • [[artnid:537193|Motorola Moto G]]

    “As we conclude our review of the Moto G, news of Motorola’s sale to Lenovo breaks, and we’re somewhat saddened by it. The Moto G was only the second Motorola smartphone to be released under Google’s watch and, considering its low $249 price, no other smartphone currently delivers so much bang-for-buck. It is a shame the Google-Motorola dream team will split up, but as far as swan songs go, the Motorola G is pretty special.” [[artnid:537193|Read our review to learn about the Moto G’s dual-SIM low price tag]] [[artnid:542267|Why you should buy a dual-SIM smartphone]]
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