In Pictures: The top 15 tech companies on the Fortune 500

We scour the F500 list to home in on the largest tech companies gracing the list.

  • Apple: Passed HP as the largest tech company (on a trailing 12 month basis) in 2012 and there has been no looking back since. The company now dwarfs all other tech companies and tops the F500 list in two categories: Apple is the most profitable F500 company and it has the highest market value. Not bad for a company that 13 years ago posted revenue of $US5.3 billion compared to IBM’s sales that year of $US85.8 billion.

  • AT&T: Is one of four service providers on this Top 15 list, and while it posted the highest revenue of the group, rival Verizon came out on tops in terms of profits.

  • Verizon: Climbed up a wrung on the F500 ladder from 16th last year, and posted the highest profits of the service providers on the list, which may help explain why it also boasts the highest market value of the carriers on this list.

  • HP: Formerly 17th on the F500, saw revenue dip almost 1 per cent last year and profits drop 2 per cent as the company finalises its plan to break into two distinct entities.

  • IBM: Saw revenue decline 5.6 per cent this year, pushing its rank down a rung from 23rd on the F500 last year.

  • Microsoft: On a trailing 12-month basis, Microsoft is actually larger than IBM now, but for fiscal 2014 it was still seven slots below Big Blue on the F500. Profit wise, however, Microsoft is second only to Apple, generating some $US7.6 billion more than Google, which is third on the profit list.

  • Google: Saw sales sky rocket 17 per cent last year, leapfrogging it up the F500 list six slots. It also holds the second highest market value of this group, a whopping $377 billion.

  • Comcast: Saw 6.4 per cent revenue growth last year, which helped the company climb a rung up the F500 ladder from 44th last year. It also boasted the highest profit margin - 12 per cent - of any of the service provides on this Top 15 list.

  • Intel: While 52nd on the F500 list in terms of sales, Intel's profit of more than $US11 billion earns it the 16th seed in that category.

  • Cisco: Revenues fell 3 per cent last year, dropping the company five rungs on the F500 list to 60th.

  • Oracle: Has long since lost its race with Microsoft, but it is churning out more profit as a percentage of revenue than its northern rival, posting a 28 per cent margin to Microsoft’s 25 per cent.

  • Qualcomm: Manages to squeeze more profit out of each dollar of sale than any other tech company on this Top 15 list, turning in a whopping 30 per cent margin.

  • EMC: Grew sales by 5 per cent last year, but profits were off by 6 per cent.Qualcomm manages to squeeze more profit out of each dollar of sale than any other tech company on this Top 15 list, turning in a whopping 30 per cent margin.

  • Xerox: Sales fell 4 per cent and profits slid 16 per cent and the company sagged from 137th on the F500 list last year to 143rd.

  • Century Link: The fourth service provider to grace this Top 15 list, saw sales slide a tad, but managed to maintain $US772 million in profits, the same as the year before.

  • Here is a full list of the 15 tech companies in the Fortune 500.

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